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New Jersey Film Festival: Summer 2013 Preview

As the semester winds down, the summer edition of the New Jersey International Film Festival (NJIFF) will begin its run. From May 31-June 16, the festival will feature a diverse array of foreign films, feature films and documentaries, offering something for every cinephile.

One of the pieces that will hit particularly close to home for New Jersey natives is “A Stroll Through the Park: An Asbury Symphony.” The 18 minute documentary follows street artist Shepherd Fairy (creator of the popular “OBEY” clothing brand and the famous Obama “Hope” picture) as he paints a series of music-themed murals around Asbury Park in anticipation of the town’s All Tomorrow’s Party Music Festival. After Hurricane Sandy, most of his work was washed away, leaving this documentary as one of the only ways to see the art. “An Asbury Symphony” shows the beauty of a place that will never be the same.

“Joshua Tree, 1951: A Portrait of James Dean” is a cross between a biographical film and an experimental fiction fantasy. The film takes place in the 1950s, when Dean was on the verge of fame. With its beautiful black–and-white cinematography, “Joshua Tree, 1951” is a must see at the NJIFF.

NJIFF will have its fair share of films for the cult crowd as well. “Dead Man Working” is a mockumentary that shows a different take on the current state of the job market in the form of a zombie film. Corpses nationwide begin to rise from their final resting places, but instead of seeking the brains of the living, they are seeking jobs. With businesses offered this new, cheaper form of labor, the living dead are snatching up jobs from trash disposal to trading stocks.

There are a pair of comedies that compliment each other and will appeal to all former class clowns. The night will begin with the 12-minute short “Trained,” which follows a down on his luck magician who tries to give his career a boost by attempting to stop a moving train. The catch: he will do so only using his mind. “The Space Jockey Pursuit,” tells the story of a method actor hired for Hollywood’s latest blockbuster. He has locks himself away in a mental institution for a year in preparation for the role, and to get the role, he has to break himself out.

Spence Blazak

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