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U.’s CIC admittance to take effect July 1, 2013

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Former Athletic Director Tim Pernetti was a big proponent of getting the U. into the Big Ten, along with U. President Robert L. Barchi. The admittance into the Big Ten gives the University an invitation to join the CIC.

Though the University’s admittance into the Big Ten athletic conference will not take place till 2014, it will join the Committee on Institutional Cooperation July 1, 2013.

The University is required to pay a $10 million exit fee to leave the Big East conference, but collaboration with the CIC and joining the Big Ten will give the University greater revenue and better facilities.

Big Ten schools are predicted to each bring in $40 million by 2017 — which is a big increase over the $6.5 million the University got from TV and Bowl appearances in the Big East, according to nj.com.

The CIC is a committee that improves collaboration with the Big Ten schools along with the University of Chicago for research and academic programs, said Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs Richard L. Edwards.

“For more than 50 years, our universities have worked together to save money, save assets and increase opportunities for academic programs and for members of the institutions,” said Barbara McFadden Allen, executive director of the CIC.

Universities in the CIC coordinate purchases for resources like test tubes and residence hall mattresses so they can save money for academic programs.

“We pool our study abroad programs so that students can participate in programs from other institutions within the CIC,” Allen said.  “Sometimes we pool the language courses, our library resources and information technology infrastructure.”  

In 2014, University students will be able to take classes through other CIC universities.

“By working together to be more sufficient and save money together, we believe that our campuses save millions of dollars a year that they can use in their academic programs and that help keep the cost of education down per student,” Allen said.

She said graduate students would also have the opportunity to study on another university’s campus within the CIC for up to one year.

“A student who enrolls in a language course offered by Iowa will get credit for that on [their] local transcript,” Allen said. “So all of that takes place in the back and we try to make it almost even invisible to you that it’s being offered by another CIC university.”

By Julian Chokkattu

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