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Don’t call University of New Mexico ugly either, OK?

Letter to the Editor

Sounds like someone at Rutgers had the same reaction to the Complex Magazine ranking of the 50 ugliest colleges campuses that we did at the University of New Mexico. So why are you taking potshots at us? “Rutgers-New Brunswick came in at #26, even uglier than the University of New Mexico. Ouch.”

I called a local television station and gave them grief for running the story. As I told the assignments editor — I can understand why some uppity east coast website might not get our architectural style in New Mexico, but I can’t understand why locals would allow that kind of untrue and unflattering report.

Rutgers, however, was put down by one of its own, Marc Ecko, founder of Eck? Unltd and Complex Magazine. Ouch!

So for those of you who haven’t been to New Mexico, “The Land of Enchantment,” let me tell you a few things about our campus. Our University was established in 1889 and occupies nearly 800 acres. In case you think New Mexico is all sand and cactus, we have a nationally recognized campus arboretum and an interior park affectionately called the “Duck Pond.”

We have the state’s building of the century, Zimmerman Library. It is probably the finest example of Spanish Pueblo Revival style architecture anywhere. And it looks like adobe — maybe that was too complex for Complex. UNM’s architecture building, George Pearl Hall, is a very cool modern interpretation of the Spanish Pueblo Revival style. It sits on Route 66 and is a marvel of concrete, steel and glass.

Like Rutgers, we also have branch campuses around the state — Gallup, Valencia County, Rio Rancho, Taos and Los Alamos. We have room for improvement, too, but we’re not ugly either!

Carolyn Gonzales is the university communication representative for University Communication and Marketing at the University of New Mexico.

By Carolyn Gonzales

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