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Professor discusses government shutdown impact on Rutgers

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With a government shutdown looming, Ross Baker, distinguished professor in the Department of Political Science, discussed with The Daily Targum the effects such a shutdown could have on Rutgers University.

“It’s complicated, but I suspect that … people with grants in the sciences will probably be having problems largely because the people they deal with in Washington [D.C.] will be furloughed, grant officers are not considered critical … others are protected,” he said.

A government shutdown is caused when Congress cannot agree on a spending bill as the Constitution states Congress must pass laws to spend money.

Baker suspects those at the University with federal grants will be affected the most by a government shutdown.

Not only would grants in the sciences be affected, but also grants received from various agencies such as the Department of Education and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Baker believes the shutdown will happen.

“I see no way out,” he said. “Unless there is some miraculous last-minute deal like there was on the fiscal cliff in 2012.”

He said those with a federal grant or a contract with the government will have “immeasurably” more complicated lives.

The last government shutdown in 1995 went on for three weeks, he said.

Julian Chokkattu

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