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University does not encourage diversity where it counts

Letter to the Editor

I know Rutgers prides itself on its diversity. Yet on Friday, Sept. 20, The Daily Targum ran a picture of no fewer than nine white men breaking ground for the redevelopment of College Avenue. The very next day, The Star-Ledger ran a front-page picture of the Rutgers University Glee Club who, after a whopping 140 years, finally changed the sexist lyrics of our alma mater. West Point changed theirs before us! They mentioned glee club members that were pleased they no longer had to sing about fathers sending their sons to Rutgers to become men. At the Arkansas game, the new lyrics were actually booed by some older alumni sitting in our area. So when I first saw the Targum picture, my reaction was mixed. On one level, it was comical seeing all the white men in their white shirts coming from their “Ivory Tower of Power” to break ground. On the other hand, I felt disheartened and recognized that while some ground has been broken, we still have work to do.

Ellen Azevedo is a 1972 Rutgers-Newark alumna.

By Ellen Azevedo

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