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Alma mater decision should be made by all

Letter to the Editor

I recently learned of the revision to the lyrics of Rutgers’ alma mater, “On the Banks of the Old Raritan.” As an active Rutgers alumnus, it is alarming that this change came without indication of a student referendum or University Senate vote. I know there has been a portion of the student and alumni body that has been in favor of making the lyrics gender-neutral. However, a recommendation was made in the University Senate in 2011to leave the lyrics as they were. How can this be allowed to happen? It is careless for the University to take such action without informing its alumni base before it takes place. It seems a rogue faction of students, faculty and administrators took the liberty to change the lyrics without any input from the rest of the University community. The alma mater belongs to us all, and this decision comes at a great price of sacrificing another of the many long-standing traditions of our University. It is an insult to those who wish to preserve such traditions or address inequalities within them with respect and care. Add my voice to those calling for a review of this decision.

Giuseppe Fusco is a class of 2009 Mason Gross School of the Arts alumnus.

By Giuseppe Fusco

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