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App allows U. fans to win prizes with posts

A new app was introduced to the Rutgers community at the homecoming game on Saturday. The app, called “Fan-I-Am,” allows Rutgers sports fans to win prizes through posts, tweets and tags.

Rutgers Athletics recently partnered with Augeo Marketing to bring “Fan-I-Am,” a fan engagement and loyalty app that allows fans to earn points that can be redeemed for prizes.

“Fan-I-Am has really cool benefits for students and creates unique fan experiences,” said Mike Knoop, a representative from Augeo Marketing.

The app received positive feedback, Knoop said. The Rutgers Athletics Department seemed incredibly pleased with the outcome and how it was integrated with game-day strategies.

The “Fan-I-Am” app has various features and contests that allow fans to earn points, Knoop said.

A “Fan-I-Am” tailgate photo contest was organized at the homecoming game. More than 85 photos were uploaded for fans to view and vote on their favorite tailgate photo, Knoop said. The winning photo will go on the Rutgers Athletics Facebook page.

Photo contests will run every week to give fans a chance to build up points, he said.

“These are all things we refer to as unique fan experiences,” Knoop said.

Augeo Marketing is also working with local Rutgers campus sponsors to create more opportunities for fans to earn points, he said.

The supporting restaurants, stores and businesses in the New Brunswick area will hang promotional QR code posters in their establishments, he said. Rutgers students can then use the “Fan-I-Am” built-in scanner and “check in” to these establishments as a way to earn more points.

Fans can also link the app to their Facebook and Twitter accounts, Knoop said. “Fan-I-Am” has created specific hashtags that fans can include in their own tweets as another way to earn points.

The app also includes a leaderboard so fans can see where they rank in point value, he said.

“Everything that you do can earn you points. The more points you have, the higher chance you have of winning prizes,” Knoop said.

Auego Marketing will continue to work with Rutgers for the rest of the football season and will also be incorporated into this year’s basketball season, he said.

Rutgers “Fan-I-Am” will further stimulate fan engagement for the upcoming men and women’s basketball seasons, according to scarletknights.com.

“The more people we can get signed onto this and the more contests we can create will benefit all 24 sports of Rutgers,” said Geoff Brown, the senior associate athletic director/chief marketing officer.

Getting people engaged and posting Rutgers Athletics pictures, tweets and Facebook messages will help promote Rutgers Athletics, Brown said.

A lot of people were signing up for “Fan-I-Am” Saturday. Hopefully over the next couple of weeks, the department will see more fan feedback, he said. With good feedback, the department can continue to make the contests and prizes entertaining and worthwhile.

Knoop said he is running this platform for about 10 other institutions — Duke University and the University of California, Berkeley being some of the largest.

“We rolled out with those schools at the beginning of the football season,” he said. “Then with the changes at Rutgers, we decided to roll out at homecoming to kind of raise awareness for the backend of football season and carry that into basketball.”

A similar platform had been used for the NASCAR Race Points Program for the past 8 to 10 years, Knoop said. Understanding that a huge fan loyalty exists with NASCAR, Augeo Marketing felt this same loyalty prevails in college sports.

“We’re excited to bring the same strategy we took to NASCAR to the collegiate space,” he said. “I’m extremely excited about the platform and partnership with Rutgers.”

By Danielle Gonzalez

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