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Dress Well While Stressed


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Believe it or not, midterms have swiftly come upon us, bringing with them copious amounts of coffee, late night studying at the library and early morning exams. With all of this tension due to classes, appearance understandably falls to the wayside. However, there are ways to prevent your outfit from feeling the midterm blues. Here are some ideas on how to appear stress-free during this stressful time.

Putting together a stylish outfit may be of no concern in the midst of worrying about midterms. “It has been stressful during midterms. I’m so busy studying [that] I always tend to just pull whatever is clean out of my closet without really looking to see if it matches,” said Darienne Arahan, a junior from the School of Communication and Information. But this semester is different for her. “I’ve been managing to look pretty kept considering I have exams and midterms.”

Accessories are an easy way to spruce up any outfit. Those who have either extremely early or late evening classes know how chilly this fall weather can be at times. Whether you prefer beanies or baseball caps, all hats provide warmth and come to the rescue on those mornings when there is no time to style your hair. Guys are not the only ones who can rock this look – hats come in a variety of designs and colors that can add personality to any outfit.

Oversized sunglasses are not just confined to those summer days on the beach; this is a must-have accessory for fall as well. From aviators to cat-eye frames, or blackened to mirrored lenses, having that stylish pair of shades is a way to avoid putting on makeup and cover up those eye-bags from studying the night before. People would never know when you’re running on little to no sleep. Sunglasses add an effortless edge to your attire, without looking over the top.

Finally throwing on some running shoes, such as Nikes or New Balances, is an easy way to look fashionable while still feeling comfortable. The key is to find running sneakers that are vibrant or have an intricate design. Brighten your day by wearing neon colored sneakers that add a pop to any dull sweat suit or pair of jeans.

Staying stylish during these times does not have to be a treacherous task when taking these tips into consideration. Look good, feel good and do well on those exams!

Tatiana Vickerie

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