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Fashionable and Frugal

Taking a break from studying and getting dressed up to go out is a part of the college experience. However, as students, being frugal with money is a necessity. Thankfully, looking good does not have to cost a bunch of money. It’s about feeling confident in an outfit, without feeling the guilt of over spending. Therefore, here are some tips to consider when wanting to look good without breaking your bank.

This past Thursday, many of Rutgers’s very own flocked to The State Theater for the Beats on the Banks concert. For this hip-hop festivity, there were ensembles put together by students who were dressed to impress. They proved that looking trendy does not always come with a hefty price tag by creating fun, yet affordable looks.

Vintage inspired ensembles are stylish and easy to acquire. A great way to get this look is by going thrift shopping. “It was fairly cheap,” Rutgers student, Nikita Cooper, said when describing her attire. “My shirt was twelve dollars on eBay. The most expensive thing are my shoes for about thirty-five dollars.” Thrift stores have an array of eye-catching vintage pieces that provide unique looks for a bargain. Finding a shop online, such as Esty.com, or one that’s near by, is a Google search away.

The motto, ‘sharing is caring’, is one to live by when attempting to not splurge on an outfit. Take time out to look through clothes of someone close to you, such as a parent, friend or significant other. This allows you to evaluate your built-in outfit options before buying a new one. “I didn’t pay for this jacket,” indicated Rutgers apprentice, Christine Collins, when asked about her outfit. “I got it from my mom… and I wear it a lot.”

Ladies, do not be scared to rummage through your boyfriend’s closet, especially when it comes to his shirts, sweaters and jackets. Incorporating menswear into an ensemble with feminine accents is a chic juxtaposition. Surprisingly, you may find that an online shopping spree is not even needed after taking these steps.

Men have found it harder to shop on a budget while still looking sharp. Shopping at an outlet mall is a way to find lower prices. Rutgers undergraduate, Aaron Laserna prefers to shop at outlets. “My jacket is from J. Crew, which ran me about forty bucks…so everything was reasonably priced and fits what I like,” he said.

To avoid the temptation of paying full price for an item, limit your purchasing options to clothes that are on sale or clearance. This way, you can still acquire your favorite brand or style, but for a cheaper price.

When there is not much money in your wallet to splurge, the goal is to get an outfit that turns heads for less. With these tips, you’ll be able to keep a few extra dollars in your wallet while still looking on point.

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