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Makemeupology: Lindsey Michelle Williams


Lindsey Michelle Williams, known by the Youtube moniker, 'Makemeuptology,' shares her passion for makeup on the internet. Courtesy of Lindsey Michelle Williams

Running cross country, singing at the top of her lungs or rocking ombré smoky eyes are just a few of the ways students can spot Lindsey Michelle Williams around campus. Outside of the banks of the Old Raritan, she could be found on billboards throughout Times Square.

The 18-year-old makeup guru from Marlton discovered her love for the arts throughout middle school and high school, she said. She was a part of more than 13 stage productions and in the summer of 2011, she created her widely known YouTube channel “Makemeupology”.

“When I was little, I always pretended I was like hosting a show whenever I was doing things like my makeup,” Williams said. “That first video was so embarrassing…but from that point I was hooked on making videos.”

What started as a playful hosting show became a YouTube channel with more than three million views and 24,000 subscribers.

“People, for some reason, just watched [the videos],” Williams said. “I think that the key to becoming popular on YouTube was having a few extremely popular videos that drew people into my channel to see more.”

Besides makeup, Williams enjoys making videos on hair-dos and short films. Her “2 Minute No Heat Loose Curls” video tutorial has become her most watched, with more than one million views.

The determined first-year’s devoted fanbase led her to pursue endeavors outside YouTube, including modeling for American Eagle Outfitters.

“I became an American Eagle model by the support and persistence of my YouTube fan base pushing me to AE’s attention,” Williams said. “I won their online model search contest by receiving the most votes in the world.”

Williams’ YouTube popularity and American Eagle campaign has gotten her noticed.

“I had a girl come up to me in Brandy Melville in New York City and start crying because she was excited,” Williams said. “I have never been more flattered in my entire life.”

Currently studying neuroscience and journalism, Williams has expanded her interests in artistic mediums beyond makeup.

“Recently, I’ve fallen into film production,” Williams said. “Especially working on film sets and other performance gigs as a makeup artist, I’ve met so many inspiring people that make me love what I do.”

At only 18, Williams has become an American Eagle Model and a YouTube sensation. She has even gotten the chance to shoot a short film with Mike Lerner, Justin Bieber’s personal photographer.

Whatever Williams decides to embark in next, she plans on continuing to do makeup as a side job for as long as she is able to do so.

“My makeup mission is to promote the idea of multidimensional beauty in a world that defines beauty as something that is primarily visual,” Williams describes on her website.

“Makeup is a beautiful tool that can help girls to pick up their smiles when they need a little boost, but it is also important that every girl feels comfortable in her own skin.”

Website: lindseymichellemakeup.com

YouTube: youtube.com/makemeupology

Facebook: facebook.com/LindseyMichelleMakeup

Instagram: instagram.com/LindseyMichelleBelle

Twitter: twitter.com/makemeupology

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