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Move to Big Ten to bring $200 million

Rutgers projects to pull in $200 million over 12 years from the Big Ten Conference according to University officials at last week’s Board of Governors meeting.

“What we’re saying is Rutgers is better off by about $200 million versus the status quo,” said Greg Brown, head of the board’s athletics committee, to nj.com.

The conference’s profitable television contracts will serve as a big moneymaker for Rutgers. According to ESPN’s Big Ten blog, the University of Illinois estimated that each school in the conference this year would earn $25.7 million in revenue, including $7.6 million from ESPN’s Big Ten Network.

Last year, each school collected $24.6 million from the Big Ten.

But the transition also means Rutgers will need to renovate facilities and improve teams in order to remain competitive, according to nj.com. Critics of the move predict that Rutgers will lose money from the Big Ten, as the Athletic Department uses subsidized funds from the University.

Rutgers and the American Athletic Conference, formerly the Big East, also continue to battle in court over the $10 million exit fee, according to the article.

But Rutgers officials assure that the move will benefit the University.

“There is still a lot of work to be done. But the move into the Big Ten is unequivocally positive for Rutgers — academically, financially and athletically,” Brown said to nj.com.

By Alex Meier

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