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Old taxidermy business continues to provide unique experience for all

Letter to the editor

Schwendeman’s Taxidermy is indeed the oldest continuously run family business in Milltown. The family has been very community-minded throughout the years. Having lived here all my life, you kind of take the business for granted and don’t realize how unique it is until you talk to people from other parts of the state. During hunting season, it is not at all strange to see a car pull up with a deer, or even a bear, strapped to the roof of their car and carried inside for mounting. I don’t believe there are many people doing this work out of a storefront in a suburban New Jersey town where there are not many places nearby to hunt. It is not uncommon for the curious to just stop in and look around, and Bruce will always stop what he is working on to show people around his museum-like shop. In the 1960s and 1970s, I remember teachers from the nearby Parkview Elementary School would walk their class to the shop for a tour. I don’t believe the school does that anymore, but that was sure an experience for a preteen that kids in other towns did not get to have. I don’t know how many times, when asked where I am from, and say Milltown, people say, “Oh, the town with the taxidermy place.”


Brian Harto is the Milltown borough historian.

By Brian Harto

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