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Cold Weather Fashion


BB Dakota Abby Tencil and fur lined coat, $128.00 from

Cold weather brings a number of new fashion trends to try, and, the upcoming holidays give fashion-minded individuals the opportunity to experiment with new combinations in different settings.

Fortunately, many trends that are seen on major runways can be safely emulated from some commonly found components from an average dorm room closet. Combining hues is a good first step: navy and black, teal and gold, maroon and black, and army green and off-white are good potential pairing. Keep in mind that almost any fall color looks great with black.

There is a heavy focus on the midi skirt this winter season. The midi is perfect for the holidays and can add a very unique look to your wardrobe. Midis however, can be too short for some, so it important to consider your height to make sure the skirt isn’t too long or too short. Ideally, you want it to hit your mid-thigh. When wearing a bold colored midi, add a neutral blouse to make the colors balance; a printed blouse may not create the desired combination.

Knee-high boots are always fall and winter must-buys. These boots will always stay in style and are easy to throw on even when rushing out the door to class. School of Communication and Information senior, Shanice O’Brien, as pictured is styling tan knee-high boots with an army green parka jacket, which is also a very hot trend for the season. The parka is timeless, it can add a little edge and its warmer than the typical pea coat. If you want to try something different and happen to be shopping for a coat, try on a parka, you may fall in love with it.

Make sure when styling any trend this holiday season, to own the trend; do not let the trend own you. The point of a trend is it adds something new to your wardrobe that you never tried before, so do not let the trend be the focus of an outfit of the day.

Maiy Elbery

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