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Few New Brunswick vendors offer vegetarian options

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KBG, Korean BBQ Grill, on Easton Avenue in New Brunswick offers extensive customization in their menu. The dish above has tofu, brown rice and a variety of vegetables.

Americans love meat. According to the New York Times, the average American consumes about 8 ounces of meat per day — twice the global average.

In such a carnivorous country, it’s easy to understand why individuals who choose to exclude meat from their diets might face difficulty finding suitable meal options.

Presently, New Brunswick seems to suffer from a shortage of quality vegetarian restaurants. Relatively few eateries exclusively cater to the vegetarian population. Nevertheless, several restaurants in the area offer vegetarian dishes on their menus. Those bored with the vegatarian sausage at the dining hall can benefit from visiting certain restaurants in New Brunswick.

Maoz Vegetarian at 385 George St. distinguishes itself as one of New Brunswick’s strictly vegetarian restaurants. The eatery specializes in fresh-made vegetarian options, particularly falafel. The signature “Maoz sandwich” features a pita stuffed with hot falafel, topped with a combination of vegetables and sauces from their toppings bar.

Maoz Vegatarian serves gluten-free falafel, as well as Belgian and sweet potato fries. Freshly squeezed orange, carrot and apple juices are also available.

Mamoun’s at 58 Easton Ave. is famous for its falafel, but there is so much more to experience on the menu. The restaurant offers six different vegetarian sandwich options for only $3.50 each.

The restaurant’s “baba ganouj” sandwich features roasted eggplant with parsley, garlic and tahini served on pita bread. The “foul mudammas” sandwich includes cooked fava beans with garlic, olive oil and lemon juice. Beverages on the menu include tamarind juice, mint lemonade, mango juice and spiced tea.

Makeda at 338 George St. offers Ethiopian cuisine in a sit-down environment. The dinner menu offers eight different vegetarian options. The “Atakilt Wat” features fresh green beans, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, green peppers and onions sauteed with ginger, garlic and tomatoes. The “Kik Alicha” includes yellow split peas cooked with herbs, green peppers and onions.

Many restaurants specializing in Asian cuisines provide tofu options that allow their diners who wish to forego chicken, beef and pork with a healthy, meatless alternative.

So Kong Dong Tofu House at 1755 Route 27 South in Edison, although outside of the city of New Brunswick, is worth a visit for their “sundubu jjigae,” a hot and spicy Korean soft tofu stew.

Meat and seafood options are available in the soups, but the mushroom soup option is just as praiseworthy. The level of spice in each soup is completely customizable. Also on the menu is “japchae,” a traditional Korean dish featuring clear noodles stirfried with vegetables.

KBG, Korean BBQ Grill, at 6 Easton Ave. offers an extensive level of customization in their menu. Meals are available in the form of a taco, burrito or bowl. Instead of bulgogi beef, pork or chicken, the customer can opt for USDA-certified organic tofu.

Before selecting a sauce, the customer can choose to add one or more of their many vegetable options, including kimchi, kimchi cucumber, pickle cucumber, daikon carrots, corn, bean sprouts, tomato and spinach. KBG’s menu also features fried vegetable dumplings.

Noodle Gourmet at 43 Easton Ave. also offers a variety of tofu options on their menu, including “General Tso’s Bean Curd,” tofu prepared in the style of General Tso’s chicken.

Standing gloriously beside veggie bacon and “tofurky,” the veggie burger is one of the most famous of all meat analogues. Here in New Brunswick, the veggie burger can be found at numerous restaurants.

White Rose Hamburgers at 43A Easton Ave. is famous for its slider-style hamburgers, but also features a veggie burger option.

In addition to their selection of hand-crafted beers, Harvest Moon Brewery & Cafe at 392 George St. offers a veggie burger served with tomato, red onion, red leaf lettuce, pesto mayo and a side of French fries.

Tumulty’s Pub at 361 George St. offers the “Double Veggie Burger” that features two grilled veggie patties topped with lettuce, tomato and onions. The restaurant also offers a grilled vegetable wrap made with squash, carrots, zucchini, spring mix and roasted red pepper mayo.

Though vegetarians might choose to forego meat, they need not forego quality eats. New Brunswick would benefit from additional vegetarian restaurants, but there’s certainly a wide selection with various vegetarian options found on the menus of the city’s restaurants. Be sure to visit the aforementioned vegetarian options at one of New Brunswick’s many eateries.

By Matt Mikolay

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