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Relocation from Lot 8 causes losses for grease trucks

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The University moved the grease trucks from Lot 8 in August to make room for new construction on the College Avenue Campus.

After moving from their well-known location on Lot 8 in August, the grease truck owners said in November they have all seen a loss in sales, with one truck experiencing a 70 percent decrease in sales, Sam Habib, owner of Just Delicious said.

For other trucks, like R U Hungry?, owner Ayman Elnaggar said he began a delivery service in November so students on all campuses could have a signature fat sandwich without having to track him down at his new location on Douglass campus.

Owners attribute the loss in sales to a combination of moving from Lot 8, as well as a lack of knowledge of the new locations where the various trucks have moved to on the New Brunswick campuses. None of the trucks have relocated to Piscataway Township.

While the truck owners see the move as a bag thing, students see it in a more positive light. Courtney Crosby, a School of Arts and Sciences sophomore, said the new locations are much more convenient. Because not everyone has class on the College Avenue Campus, it’s nice to have them on multiple campuses.

Despite the challenge of the new locations, Elnaggar said he is hopeful the move should bring out the best for the trucks, and all the small businesses should bounce back. For his personal truck, this has meant revamping his menu and hours, and offering the new delivery service.

“The beautiful thing is the people started coming. The good thing about R U Hungry? is the people come looking for us,” he said. “I believe it’s only a matter of time before we start doing very well in here.”

By Shawn Smith

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