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Scarlet Knight in Douglass Campus Center missing signature cape

Visitors to the Douglass Campus Center may notice something amiss on the second floor. The Scarlet Knight that sits outside the Leadership office has become just another ordinary knight. Its scarlet cape is missing.

Matthew Ferguson, associate director of leadership and training, said the cape was stolen sometime Monday evening, and he is hoping to have it returned to its rightful spot soon.

“I left here on Monday at 6 p.m. and everything was in order. I got a call the next morning from an associate who said the cape had been stolen,” he said. “So someone came and took it between 6 and 1 a.m., when the student center closes.”

Ferguson, who owns the knight itself and the cape, said it has been a Rutgers community staple since he was an undergraduate at the University in 2004. The knight was a gift from his sister-in-law, who owned a costume prop shop. She gave it to him so he could continue to show off his Rutgers pride after graduation.

“That knight has been with me at every job and apartment I have had since [2004],” he said. “When I was a hall director, when I was in the Livingston and Douglass campus centers. It even came with me out to the Poconos this past summer for Camp UKnight, where incoming students were introduced to it.”

Ferguson said his mother hand made the cape in 2007 in a scarlet color so the knight could become an official Scarlet Knight.

“I’m hoping someone who knows who did this will do the right thing,” he said. “You stole your own school’s cape. If they wanted to borrow it, they could have just asked me.”

By Shawn Smith

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