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On Thursday, Jan. 23, The Daily Targum published a commentary written by Colleen M. Jolly titled, “Can Hillel’s funding be put to better use elsewhere?” In her attempt to give the Rutgers community “something to think about,” Jolly and her piece garnered a wave of backlash from not only our Jewish readers, but from many throughout the entire Rutgers community. We, as a publication, received perhaps just as much criticism for publishing the piece.

The piece was originally published for a number reasons — The Daily Targum does not practice censorship and hopes to create conversation about issues on campus. Looking back, elements in this piece relay discriminatory undertones that do not reflect the values and goals of our organization. These elements, which I personally find distasteful and irrelevant, greatly overshadow any sort of argument the author was trying to make.

Further, many of the statements that were presented as facts were entirely unfounded. For example, Jolly implies that Rutgers Hillel is a University-affiliated organization — when in fact, they are independent, privately own the new property and paid rent for the old one. She fails to mention that the Jewish Federation of Greater Middlesex County paid for its use of the Douglass Campus Center just as any organization that is not affiliated with the University would. The commentary should not have been published, and I apologize to everyone it offended.

Looking forward, we are going to reevaluate what is appropriate to publish in the Opinions section. This goes beyond adamantly rejecting pieces that are hateful. Our Opinions section serves to better the Rutgers community, and Jolly’s piece did not do that. With a new editorial board on the horizon, now is the time for change.

Enrico C. Cabredo is a School of Arts and Sciences senior and the Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Targum.

By Enrico C. Cabredo

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