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Students’ needs must be met, not ignored

Letter to the Editor

When I attended Rutgers College 40 years ago, the Rutgers Hillel “building” was a second-floor walkup on George Street, midway between the Rutgers and Douglass College. Religious services were sometimes held in the rabbi’s home due to a lack of space. There was no Jewish presence on the main campus. It does my heart good to finally see the needs of Jewish students being properly addressed with a new Hillel building. Colleen Jolly is a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” trying to veil her anti-Semitism, as bigots often do. If she feels so strongly about the urban renewal of New Brunswick, let her personally raise funds for the purpose — I would applaud the effort. My response to her commentary will be to increase my contribution to Rutgers Hillel.

Ira Jacobs is a Rutgers College class of 1973 alumnus.

By Ira Jacobs

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