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U. offers educational opportunity to all

Letter to the Editor

It’s time for the invasion of the gray heads.

If you look around and the oldest person in your class is not the professor, he or she is most likely to be a so-called senior auditor.

As one myself, thanks to Rutgers, after auditing a number of courses in the Department of Plant Biology and Pathology, I was able to embark on a second career as an organic farmer. After auditing Italian courses, I was able to bargain with a gondolier, and courtesy of the Department of Art History, I could discuss Eastern and Western influences in Venetian art.

Professors and students alike not only graciously accepted me in their classes, greeting me with a cheerful hello when I entered, but often took time after class to answer questions or initially help me navigate through the intricacies of Sakai. I found the same helpfulness from the library, language lab and computer service staff.

As auditors, we are connected with an umbilical cord to Administrative Assistant Kay Schechter and her office, which assures that the senior auditing program runs smoothly and keeps us informed about registration and school closings.

So a cheer to Rutgers, a cheer to the professors and a cheer to fellow students from one of the gray heads who you see waving to you as she dashes from class to class.


Erika Leviant is a Douglass Residential College alumna.

By Erika Leviant

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