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Activism should not be criticized

Letter to the Editor

I find the recent sentiments in a Jan. 31 letter to the editor, “Israel should not be the only target of boycotts,” troubling. Who is to say that people involved with the International Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel aren’t involved in other boycotts and causes as well? I, personally, am involved in myriad causes, and I boycott an endless number of companies and entities for various reasons. I’m a human rights activist, period. I stand up against any form of injustice, inequality or oppression that exists, as do many of my colleagues. According to Human Rights Watch’s 2013 world report, serious violations of international human rights have occurred in Israel/Palestine, and I believe this fact warrants the increased attention and pressure it’s receiving.

I do happen to feel particularly passionate about this issue because I’ve been to Palestine personally and have stayed in a refugee camp. I was able to see first-hand the conditions the people are forced to live, in as well as the daily harassment and violence perpetrated against them. I, myself, was subject to this harassment as well.

 Now, even if there are individuals that solely focus on boycotting Israel, is there a problem with that? There are obviously many world issues deserving of attention, and there always will be. Does that mean we have to focus on being proactive to resolve every single one of them? That’s likely not feasible for the average person. Does that mean that we should be apathetic and ignore them all to remain fair and balanced so nobody feels like they’re being singled out? Should the world turn a blind eye while allowing Israel to continue committing its crimes and abusing human rights without consequence? Even if the U.N. condemns them, who is holding them accountable as the U.S. uses its veto vote to cancel out the rest of the world? It becomes our responsibility as members of humanity to hold them accountable.

But, as I’ve pointed out earlier, the case isn’t that people boycotting Israel are focusing solely on that individual situation. The majority of everyone involved in the BDS movement also support other causes and boycotts as well.

There’s no need to flatter oneself into believing the world is only thinking about Israel. It may just seem that way, because the more that a racist ideology gets implemented, the more the entity implementing that ideology will teeter itself toward the brink of it’s own collapse.

Christopher Gant is a Computer Technician who graduated from PC AGE with a degree in networking engineering in 2010.

By Christopher Gant

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