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Spiritual retreat offers uplifting experience

Letter to the Editor

It’s time to reflect. Whether you have been at Rutgers for one semester or eight, think back at all of the weekends you have spent here in New Brunswick. I know that I have enjoyed a couple great ones. But how many do you wish you could forget? How many of them can you not even remember? Whatever the ratio of happy to hazy weekends you have had, there is an opportunity for all Rutgers students to experience a weekend that they will always remember.

Each semester, the Catholic Student Association at Rutgers puts on a retreat to Camp Tecumseh in Pittstown, N.J. This semester, the retreat will be from Feb. 21-23. This retreat is just the unforgettable experience I mentioned. It is a time of friendship, recreation, bonfires and introspection that a busy college schedule does not allow. For me, however, the hardest part was saying yes. As a Catholic who went to mass when it was convenient, attended public school and had never been on a retreat before, a weekend spent singing praise hymns with strangers didn’t sound quite as attractive as hanging with some friends. Looking back, I only wish I took my leap of faith sooner.

The CSA retreat is one of a few opportunities each year to remove yourself from the concrete jungle of Livingston and the blustery walks from building to building on Cook. Imagine stepping away from constantly being on the go for one weekend. Imagine leaving your cluttered room to spend an hour just to yourself outdoors. Retreat was able to refresh my approach to relationships and schoolwork.

Transportation is provided. Signing up is simple. The only thing you have to do is take the leap of faith and say yes. Say yes to meeting other Catholic students. Say yes to renewing your faith and your mind. Say yes to one unforgettable weekend at the Catholic Student Associations spring retreat: “Reckless Love.”

Henry Grabbe is a School of Arts and Sciences sophomore majoring in political science and philosophy and minoring in music.

By Henry Grabbe

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