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U. has obligation to investigate controversy

Letter to editor

It has come to the attention of our organization, Rutgers University Women Organizing Against Harassment, that the University was unaware of the scandal and controversy surrounding the potential hire of the professor Peter Ludlow. Because it is our mission on campus is to eradicate sexual harassment and gender violence, we are compelled to advise the administration to further look into the candidate profile of this professor from Northwestern University.

According to The Daily Targum article, “U. professorial candidate accused of sexual assault,” Rutgers representative Greg Trevor was quoted saying that the administration was unaware of the allegation of the sexual assault charges. As members of the student body, we feel that student safety — our safety — is crucial and essential to fostering an excellent academic environment. It is also of the utmost importance that our institution of higher learning is properly represented and well informed instead of misrepresented and mal-informed. Such embarrassing dilemmas have already caused a negative spotlight in the media, so we are imploring Rutgers administration to take a proactive stance in vetting future employees. We would like to always be able to proudly say we are Rutgers students.

Due to the most recent cases and dilemmas in the Rutgers Athletics hiring process, needless to emphasize — once again — its prominence in the media headlines, we are sending this letter out of concern not only for the safety of the student body, but also for the ethics of our institution. The hiring process should be executed with the utmost attention spent on researching the applicant. Indeed, the addition of a faculty member will enrich our institution of higher education but only the grounds that the applicant is devoid of a sexual assault record or a potential threat to the student body.

Such allegations should not go undetected, for the reputation of Rutgers and the security of the students are of greatest importance and are not worth gambling away.


Women Organizing Against Harassment is an organization dedicated to the eradication of gender violence and sexual harassment.

By Women Organizing Against Harassment

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