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Public wants more than just GMO labels on food products

Letter to Editor

We read The Daily Targum’s article, “Students raise public support to advocate for GMO labels,” with great interest, as we have been studying public attitudes about genetically modified food labeling since the early 1990s. Our latest national survey, commissioned by the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, was conducted in October 2013. The survey found that more than half (53 percent) of the public reported that they know very little or nothing at all about GM foods, and one in four say they have never heard of them. Our study also found that only about a quarter (26 percent) of Americans realize that current regulations do not require GM products to be labeled.

Whether Americans say they would like GM food labels depends upon how you ask the survey questions, and interestingly, many want their food labeled with much more than information about GM ingredients.

William Hallman is a professor and chair in the Department of Human Ecology.

Cara Cuite is an associate research professor in the Department of Human Ecology.

Xenia Morin is the associate dean and liaison for Sponsored Programs in the Office of Grants Facilitation.

By William Hallman

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