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Entrepreneurs inspire enterprising students

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Ian Bullard, a Rutgers Business School first-year student, and others gathered yesterday at the RBS Building for the Entrepreneurship GPS Series.

Members of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, an international nonprofit organization that aims to encourage young entrepreneurs to create their own business, inspired future entrepreneurs to become problem solvers in their own industries as part of the Rutgers Entrepreneurship GPS Speaker Series.

Alfred E. Blake IV, assistant director of Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Programs, said at an event hosted by the entrepreneurship minor program that students need to be problems solvers and innovators. 

“GPS means it guides students from where they are to their desired destination,” he said. 

Blake said the speakers were meant to encourage students to initiate successful businesses. 

Anna Walz, founder of Medisys Health Communications, analyzed the frequent questions young people ask themeselves concerning life expectations. She considered entry-level jobs a means to feel empowered and independent working her way up to a higher level position.

“It does not matter how trivial your job is — it adds value in society,” she said.

Despite the benefits of partnership, she managed to create her own business, deeming herself a fine decision-maker. 

“Starting a business is easy, growing a business is complex,” she said.

The emotional connections within one’s industry cannot outweigh their duty as a leader and decision-maker. Therefore, employers must refrain from becoming too emotionally attached so they do not overstep professional boundaries. 

She emphasized the essential qualities successful leaders must have, including providing strategic plans and sharing a clear vision of their business with employees. 

She encouraged students to open their minds and be open to new learning opportunities, allowing for personal growth.

“If you ever stop learning, your story will end,” she said.

Alex Zaltsman, president of InnoviMobile, a company that develops mobile applications for a broad range of businesses, defined what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Decision-making, execution, having a goal, consistency, communication skills, follow-up and mental toughness are some of the essential ingredients to becoming an efficient entrepreneur, he said.

He suggested that enagement and motivation are required to create a business. Employees must believe in the cause they are serving within any company.

He directly spoke to all students struggling to find their role and purpose in society.

“If you are struggling, then you do not realize you are so far ahead than anybody else,” he said. 

Daniel Wilson, financial advisor of the Northeast Planning Corporation, said every business requires healthy relationships and connections with clients.

Contrary to the entrepreneurs who presented themselves as innovators, Wilson works under the franchise framework in which a specific agenda must be followed without deferring from an absolute model, he said.

He identified three ways to create wealth: investment in one’s own business, investment in real estate and financing deals. 

The event was co-hosted by interested student organizations such as the Rutgers Entrepreneurial Society, Rutgers Mobile App Development, Rutgers Enactus, Collegiate 100, United Black Council, the Educational Opportunity Fund, C.H.E.M.’s Men and the Rutgers Office of New Ventures and Entrepreneurship.

Carl Gould, president of Coach Mentoring Training Mentors, shared his life experiences and the challenges he faced along his way to success. Coaching and mentoring responsibilities characterized his entrepreneurial journey. 

After several ups and downs, his determination and perseverance allowed him to establish the desired balance between his personal and professional life. He said one must surround themselves with experts in their desired field in order to become successful.

“I am married, I have three kids, and I am rich,” he said.

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