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To RU Dining Services: stop plastic waste

Letter to The Editor

I wanted to bring to attention a problem at Rutgers with a relatively simple solution. If you have ever gotten food from take out or food to go from the Cook Campus Center, you may have noticed that the containers they use are everywhere. They fill the recycling and garbage cans of the CCC. They fill the recycling cans in my apartment. I see them in the dumpsters, and now they have even begun to pervade my dreams. Those bulky plastic boxes take up an incredible amount of space inside any disposal container. In fact, they can be so difficult to recycle that many people do not. Imagine how much plastic we are using and then just throwing away. There is a solution, however, and much like many other solutions to complicated problems, this one is pretty easy to put into practice. Instead of having those containers take up space and cost Rutgers plenty of money, why not make it possible to bring in reusable Tupperware instead? Each person can write their name on them, and it would not be hard to keep track of which is whose. They are not expensive to buy, and Rutgers can even begin to sell their own at various on-campus events. If you too have been plagued by these ever-present plastic nightmares, let Rutgers know. Email the head of dining services, Joe Charette, at charette@rci.rutgers.edu. Even write it on the suggestions board. With this one simple change, we can mitigate some of the harm those plastic boxes do to the environment and improve Rutgers’ recycling habits all in one go.

Christopher Kalimtzis is a School of Environmental and Biological Sciences junior majoring in biological sciences.

By Christopher Kalimtzis

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