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WEEK IN REVIEW: Laurels and Darts


The Board of Governors voted last week to integrate the Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences School of Nursing and the College of Nursing at Newark and New Brunswick. The merger faced some criticism from faculty members who feel that the administration could have communicated more with them to include feedback before the decision was made, but ultimately, we think that this will be great for Rutgers. We laurel the integration of the nursing schools and the many new opportunities that it will provide for students.


RUSA elections are right around the corner — but let’s be honest, how much of the student body even knows (or cares) about them? RUSA’s presence on campus is pretty terrible, and even though elections are being held next week, we’ve hardly heard anything from the candidates. If it wasn’t literally our job to cover student organizations such as RUSA in the Daily Targum, we would probably have no idea what’s going on either. This dart goes to RUSA for its lack of accessibility and poor outreach. 


Student United Way is a new organization on campus that aims to raise awareness about different issues affecting the community. Members of the organization are currently participating in a weeklong campaign to bring attention to the issue of an unacceptable low rate for minimum wage by restricting their spending to $10 a day and recording their experiences. We laurel these students for their creative approach to raising awareness on such an important and relevant issue.


According to a recent poll of the Rutgers Business School Newark and New Brunswick, most faculty members are not very happy with the current dean. They feel that Dean Glenn Shafer’s emphasis on accessibility and diversity within RBS holds it back from achieving excellence in an increasingly competitive market. We dart the polarizing disconnect between Shafer and many RBS faculty members, since there seems to be a lack of open communication between them to reach a compromise.


RUSA definitely has a lot to work on when it comes to their presence on campus, but if you do find the time to take a look at what they’re doing, it’s pretty commendable. They just voted to include funding for student organizations such as New Jersey United Students as a referendum on the voting ballot (for those of us who remember to actually vote). Rutgers representatives to NJUS work on campaigns such as tuition affordability. So we laurel this move to give more clout to our student voice.


Food trucks fit right into the culture here at Rutgers, but we’re not too happy about the newest addition. The new Oink and Moo BBQ truck on the Busch and Livingston campuses sounds great in theory, but it’s way too expensive for a student budget, and it has no vegetarian options. Getting good food around New Brunswick is pretty pricey as it is, and we dart this truck for bringing yet another expensive food option to campus.

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