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WEEK IN REVIEW: Laurels and Darts

A+ for effort

As much as we love to hate WebReg, the University worked hard in trying to make it as smooth and fair as possible for us. For example, because of all the snow days earlier in the semester that affected many of our schedules, some students had midterm exams from 9:40 to 11:00 p.m. this week — which is why it was pushed to 11:30 p.m. instead of 10:30 p.m. We laurel the University for its cognizance of a stressful and difficult process and its efforts to alleviate the issues, even if it is just a little bit.

Ain’t got no class

A serious issue we have besides the actual process of class registration is the lack of accessibility to classes with the added difficulty of getting special permission numbers. Rutgers is a huge school, but it’s still frustrating to us that the high demand for some classes makes it practically impossible to take them. It’s a little unfair that students who had the opportunity to take AP classes and come in with credits get favored so much, so this dart goes to the system that is entirely credit-based.

RU biking?

As the weather gets warmer, students are being encouraged to walk or bike around campus instead packing themselves onto Rutgers buses. Rutgers University Department of Transportation sponsors BikeRU week to encourage students to use this healthy and environmentally friendly way of getting around and raise awareness about its bike rental program. We laurel these efforts to improve bike routes and bike accessibility for students to make Rutgers a more cycle-friendly campus.

construction obstruction

The proposed construction on Mine Street has been surrounded by controversy — and with good reason. The plans call for an apartment building with the capacity to house 140 people, but it would only provide 43 parking spots as opposed to 106 spots required by code. More housing in this area would be great, but the parking situation on and around Mine Street is already terrible. Until there are appropriate measures taken to ensure adequate parking, we dart these construction plans.

Dance marathon champions

 Last weekend, participants in Rutgers’ 16th annual Dance Marathon had volunteers dance for 30 hours straight to raise money for kids with cancer. This year, the event raised a record-breaking $622,533.98. The event is completely planned and run by student organizations and volunteers, and we are incredibly proud our student community came together to independently raise so much money for an important cause. This well-deserved laurel goes to everyone involved in making this the most successful year yet for Dance Marathon.


Students protested rising tuition at a Board of Governors’ meeting this week, and we’re going to take this opportunity to give the high tuition at Rutgers another dart. Rutgers has one of the highest rates in New Jersey, and New Jersey has the highest tuition rates in the country. It’s about time some concrete action is taken to help students afford higher education, especially at a public university.

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