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Armor yourself with RU spirit for game day


Dan Murphy, a School of Arts and Sciences sophomore, shows off his Rutgers-themed body paint.

This Saturday night, under the sparkle of the stadium lights, to the hymn of the band’s battle cries, the soldiers in scarlet will prepare to take the field. Ready in the bleachers, Rutgers students will officially declare war on “That Team From Pennsylvania.” There’s no easier way to prepare for combat than playing with a little body paint. It’s an inexpensive and creative way to express your excitement for this weekend’s soon-to-be legendary face off between two old rivals while showing solidarity with both your friends (you’ll likely have enough paint to share!) and closest 45,000 undergraduate classmates. While this tutorial is geared for painting a male upper body, ladies can make it their own by decorating their abdomens or arms.

Things you’ll need

  • A washable marker
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Scarlet, white and black paint
  • Paintbrushes – one for each color you use
  • Wet washcloth
Getting started

1. Choose your weapons

The typical water-based face and body paints you can find at any party store will be the easiest to wash off later, but that means rain, sweat or spilled drinks can ruin your artwork just as easily. Alcohol-based paints you can buy at craft stores will definitely leave your skin stained after the ref’s final call, but will keep your paint looking great without worry. Make your decision carefully.

2. Visualize your victory plan

Evaluate your inspirations — are you painting up solo, with a friend or with a big group? Single painters can throw around designs of Scarlet Knight silhouettes or just the classic block “R”. Friends of two can match with “We R B1G” slogans, rep their favorite player’s numbers or break down lyrics from football season’s anthem of allegiance, “The Bells Must Ring.” Big groups of painters can go the classic collegiate route and spell out “G-O R-U-T-G-E-R-S!” The more the merrier!

3. The best offense is a good defense

Protect your art by planning carefully. Before applying any paint, draw out your art with a washable marker. Make sure the letters are the same size. During testing, we found that any lingering sketch lines later on can be easily removed with a simple swipe of hand sanitizer.

4. Kick it off flawlessly

Start by applying your lightest color first, gradually building to your darker shades. Less is more when it comes to thickness of paint, and you’ll be thankful later on if you opt for many thin layers instead of one thickly caked on coat, which will surely crack by halftime.

5. Run back for the details

After your main masterpiece is 85 percent dry, you can start adding in the final outlines and more minor wording. This is the best time to clean up any messy edges with the wet washcloth.

6. Touchdown!

Looking good! Sure, the athletes are remarkable, but we all know deep down that it’s you, the loyal fan, who inspires true triumph. Now get up on that bleacher and scream your heart out, because the good guys on the field need you!

Janine Puhak

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