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Pop some tags at local thrift stores


Kru and Krahn also have their own section for shoes that vary in style depending on the season.

Macklemore recently gave thrift shops a new identity. The catchy song “Thrift Shop” nearly revolutionized the way shoppers think of the local Goodwill. Instead of trying to find the best deal at the mall, a consignment shop is now a quality alternative. “Thrifting,” the act of shopping at several second-hand stores, is becoming more and more common, especially among students who are on a tight budget. Finding a new flannel or a trendy leather jacket at a thrift store requires a little digging, but the experience is always rewarding. Once you get over the idea of a stranger previously having worn the clothes, thrifting can even become a great hobby. Here in New Brunswick, there are numerous stores for thrift novices and seasoned veterans alike.

Holy Shirt Thrift Store is located right on the College Avenue campus. Receiving donations from churchgoers and college students, this local store’s profits go directly to the Second Reformed Church of New Brunswick’s food ministry. So, while you’re shopping for yourself, you’re also giving back to the community. Although it would be convenient to make a stop on your walk between classes from the College Avenue Student Center to Scott Hall, this thrift store is only open on Saturdays from noon to 5 p.m.

Kru & Krahn, located on Hamilton Street in New Brunswick, is also not your average thrift store. The front end of the store is all new merchandise. At first glance, you will only see the boutique-looking storefront. But walking deeper into the store, you’ll soon see the thrift section of the Liberian-named shop. The new merchandise, for both men and women, is reasonably priced, and occasionally there are promotions for free prizes or discounts. Further into the store, the second-hand clothing and shoes section will have you feeling like you just walked into an Urban Outfitters. The colorful walls and streamers are inviting, and the racks are loaded with more patterns, colors and dresses, perfect for those hungry to spice up their closet. The only catch with Kru & Krahn is the store hours. According to a sign on the door, the operating hours are 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. daily, which is different than the usual store hours most people are used to elsewhere. Either way, if you do get to stop by when the store is open, it will surely satisfy.

Plato’s Closet is a unique consignment store. Located on Route 1 in Edison, this store specializes in brand name clothes at discounted prices. What makes Plato’s Closet stand out is their buy-back method. If a customer enters the store with a bag of clothes, accessories and shoes, Plato’s Closet will select articles and pay for them on the spot. They will give you hard cash or store credit, if you want to purchase something. However, the small drawback is how selective the store is, as they look for very specific styles of clothing. If you try selling your 3-year-old Forever 21 T-shirt, don’t expect the store to accept it. On the other hand, when you go to Plato’s Closet to buy clothes, you’ll appreciate the great selection. And because the racks are organized by article of clothing, color and size, it’s also pretty easy to navigate. Overall, Plato’s Closet is great way to find something trendy without putting a dent in your wallet.

Jill Herb

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