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Spina Records brings vintage back to New Brunswick

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Photo Illustration | Owner Andrew Spina holds up his favorite vinyl cover art, John Lennon’s “Rock & Roll.”

Buried amongst the restaurants, smoke shops and convenience stores in New Brunswick lies Spina Records, a cozy, antique-accented store that sends music lovers back in time. 

Andrew Spina, 28, opened up the record shop on Easton Avenue, where he sells a combination of vinyl records ranging from classic rock to jazz, as well as vintage collectable items.

The store provides music enthusiasts with a welcoming and familiar basement setting to peruse the records. 

“I want to set a very comfortable atmosphere and environment,” Spina said. “I want people to feel like they’re in my home.” 

Playing on a modern day record player, a vinyl vibrates throughout the room, complementing the Zen feel that characterizes the store’s atmosphere.

Classic records like The Doors’ “Waiting for the Sun” and a compilation of “Creedence Clearwater Revival” play as customers come in and browse.

A small portion of the store’s space is reserved for antique items such as aged books, clocks and radios. 

Whether you choose to glance over the eclectic collection of cassette tapes or tinker with a camera dating back to the 1960s, each item in Spina Records holds a rich history.

“Records are more tangible,” Spina said. “Our generation is coming to appreciate both formats, there’s the digital MP3, but if it’s something that is important to them, they’ll go out and buy the vinyl. It’s all very personal at the end of the day.” 

Growing up with an interest in music, Spina has played in various New Brunswick-based bands over the last five years. He felt that a record store would be a great addition to a town with such a strong independent music scene. 

While preparing to open the store, Spina took what he learned from his past apprenticeship at the former Amber Lion Antiques in New Brunswick and applied it to his own business. The owner, Rob Marchisotto, taught Spina about different types of antiques and records, along with running a business and dealing with customers. 

“I still have a relationship with him to this day,” he said. “He’s been a true pillar of support.” 

In order to accumulate his inventory, Spina attended four to five sales a week and even knocked on people’s doors. His ultimate goal is to provide a collection of vinyls that will appeal to a wide range of people rather than one small subset.

With a successful grand opening under his belt, Spina is open to collaborating with people and possibly holding events such as acoustic shows. 

First time customer Ryan O’Sullivan heard about the new store from friends that attend Rutgers University. 

“The store definitely has a good selection and there was a fair amount of stuff I would’ve bought if I already didn’t have it,” he said. “I definitely plan on coming back next month.” 

Spina Records is located at 25 Easton Ave. and is open Monday through Thursday from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m., and Friday through Saturday from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.

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