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​Styling Big Ten-Inspired Looks at Home on the Banks


As the weather gets colder, students and fans can pull inspiration from each region to create an outfit that highlights Rutgers’ colors and shields from the cold.

Coast to coast, throughout the fall, American collegians celebrate what is arguably the most wonderful time of the year at large state universities: tailgate season. The Rutgers University community broke attendance records two weeks ago in a highly anticipated face off against the storied “team from Pennsylvania” at High Point Solutions Stadium. 

While there may have been monsoon-like rain showers dampening our attire throughout the inaugural Big Ten Conference game, our spirits kept us warm. As we step up our game both on the field and in the classroom through our new membership in this elite conference, it’s officially time to advance our fashion sportswear as well. 

In our new family of 14 total Big Ten schools, fans of each college gear up in game day styles specific to their university’s region and traditions. It is interesting to note that it is only September and we have already played schools from the northwest, southeast and mid-Atlantic regions.  

Though our fellow Big Ten Conference members predominantly hail from the Midwest, the Scarlet Knights are still set to play non-conference teams from all over. As we take on Tulane this Saturday at noon, the third of six total home games, we can take inspiration from our opponents and put our twist on their style as we get dressed for the game. Weather predictions look promising at a welcome high of 80 degrees, but don’t forget to throw an extra poncho in your security-approved clear tote bag. 

The Northwest

School: Washington State, Washington

Scene: From tailgate to fourth quarter, Northwestern football fans know how to keep warm by layering up and staying cozy in the latest and greatest in athletic wear. 

Scarlet Style: Think snapbacks or fitted caps, jerseys or t-shirts over hoodies and jeans galore, when you’re taking a page from the Northwestern folks. Throw on a quilted vest and a pair of extra-long socks under your boots for warmth and stamina for the whole game. As the weather gets colder, this look will only become smarter! 

The Midwest

Schools: Michigan State, Michigan; University of Wisconsin, Wisconsin; Indiana University, Indiana; Purdue, Indiana; University of Minnesota, Minnesota — basically everyone we play.

Scene: Preparation is the name of the game when you’re up against the moody weather conditions of the Midwest, the region home to the country’s most classically diehard football fans. Wonky hats, face paint and school spirited bib overalls are only the tip of the iceberg for football fashion out there.

Scarlet Style: Dig in your closet for your scarlet pants, scarlet sweatshirt and scarlet t-shirt. Now throw all of it on at once. This is the time for the face tattoos, layers of vests and the hand knitted striped scarf from grandma that you never thought you would wear. Rain boots are also never a bad idea. The rule of thumb here is whoever wears the most scarlet wins. 

The Southeast 

School: Tulane, Louisiana

Scene: If college football is the religion of this region, consider Saturday night games as church. If you don’t plan to show up in your very best for the tailgates down there, don’t show up at all. These students go big or go home. Button-down shirts and novelty belts are the standard for guys down there, while girls kick it in cowboy boots and sundresses. 

Scarlet Style: While we can’t take the sunshine and hot breezes of this region home to New Brunswick, we can take their bandanas, cowboy hats and sport shades as our own. The classic block “R” baseball caps for guys or statement necklaces in scarlet for girls can help us bring a little bit of southern comfort to our games in the future. Rugby shirts are another easy way to add a burst of prep for this look, as well as school-spirited hair ribbons. 

The Mid-Atlantic 

School: University of Maryland, Maryland; Rutgers University, New Jersey

Scene: The state of mind for this tailgate is no frills, no fuss, no problem. You would never know you’re only a few hours north of the Mason Dixon line! Mid-Atlantic fans only worry whether they are going to have a good time or not on game day, and their laid-back fashion reflects that. 

Scarlet Style: Take it easy and rock your neutrally colored shorts or leggings by coupling them with your favorite Rutgers tee because it is going to be a long day! Accessorize with a camouflage baseball cap and beads, while staying comfortable in your favorite sneakers or flip-flops. 

RU ready for a wonderful time? 

Janine Puhak

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