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WEEK IN REVIEW: Laurels and Darts


Ever since the Rutgers-UMDNJ merger, things have been looking pretty good for research and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math departments at the University. The Rutgers University Foundation was recently given a $10 million anonymous donation for cancer research. We laurel not only such a generous donation, but also the fact that Rutgers is clearly doing important things and making good progress to attract this kind of funding.


New Brunswick has been undergoing transitions to become more bike-friendly city, and Rutgers is definitely playing its part. This year, new bike racks have been popping up around campus, and the University installed sheltered bike lockers on Livingston campus that can be rented out by students. The lockers were relatively inexpensive to install, so we laurel the University for putting the money where its mouth is and making extra effort to encourage students to bring bikes to campus.


We love to hate Julie Hermann, but despite her recent comments on the Ray Rice situation, we actually have a laurel for her this week. Just ahead of the big game against Penn State tomorrow, she announced that Rutgers is extending its contract with head coach Kyle Flood for another two years. We laurel her for a bold move that could help with recruitment now that Flood has more stability as head coach.


An upcoming trip organized by the Rutgers University Programming Association to see “Wicked” on Broadway generated a lot of interest when it was initially announced. But on the day tickets were supposed to go on sale at 9 a.m., some students showed up as early as 7 a.m. and received priority slips to get tickets — leaving many who showed up at the correct time without tickets left to buy. RUPA usually has pretty good programming, but we’re giving them a dart for what seems like an unfair ticketing system.


Despite the recent efforts by New Brunswick to launch its “Clean City Program,” we’ve noticed an awful lot of litter on streets around campus, particularly areas such as Easton Avenue and Wyckoff Street that are known to house many off-campus students. It’s disappointing that students are not doing enough to keep the city clean, and we dart those who aren’t being conscientious of other families and residents who live in New Brunswick.


The Ray Rice situation has everyone talking about issues of domestic violence and insincerity within the NFL, but unfortunately the media has also taken the opportunity to take another dig at Rutgers. The day the video was released of Rice punching his fiancée, multiple news vans parked themselves on College Avenue — but there’s nothing here to report on when it comes to Rice, because he’s not affiliated with Rutgers anymore. This dart goes not just to Rice but also to the media for letting him give us a bad name.


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