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7 Signs you're a victim of "cuffing"

Synonymous with the fall and winter months, “cuffing season” primarily affects the singles on campus. Each year, students blissfully indulge in autumnal activities. Instagram and Facebook feeds are filled with unexpected couples taking weekend trips to pumpkin patches and apple picking farms. Attention is diverted from midterms, and focus is instead transferred to potential cuddling partners, Halloweekend couple costume partners (after all, two cats are always better than one!) and ugly sweater party dates. 

Inside Beat offers you a way to avoid becoming yet another new Facebook relationship status by noting a few telltale signs that indicate you may be a victim of cuffing season.

1. People begin “sliding into your DM’s:” You’ve followed each other on Twitter for a while now, but interaction has been limited to the occasional favorite. Now, you not only get a favorite, but a DM with a line as smooth as 140 characters can possibly be.

2. Your Snapchat best friends list rearranges: Your three “real-life” best friends begin noticing your Snapchat “best friends” list no longer features them. Probably because you’re suddenly getting a lot more Snaps from bachelors/bachelorettes featuring Chipotle, or (the horror!) selfies.

3. You’re invited to “get coffee sometime:” The fact that the infamous and beloved pumpkin spice latte has made its return to the Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts on campus has not been lost on anyone. If someone offers to take you out to coffee, chances are they like you a whole “latte.”

4. You’re asked to be a study partner: Does the couple that studies together, stay together? Perhaps. If you’re being asked to spend one-on-one time hitting the books, you may be on your way to finding out.

5. Emojis speak louder than words: Although it may not entirely fit the context of the conversation, the heart face, wink face or kissy face emojis start becoming increasingly prevalent in the messages you receive. *Insert SOS emoji*

6. You’re guest swiped: You have your own meal plan, yet this doesn’t stop your dinner partner from swiping that snazzy RUID one extra time for you; if only “King Neptune Night” came twice a year!

7. Focus on a mutual interest: When an acquaintance repeatedly marvels at your same love for Netflix or a musical group, there’s a good chance that “watching an episode” or “seeing a show” will become a future proposal — even if you’re just interested in acquiring another Netflix password to avoid paying for your own account.

To avoid being cuffed in the dead of winter, only to be set free once the birds start chirping and flowers start blooming, follow these simple warning signs. After all, you’re worth more than one season.

Rachel Narozniak

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