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Co-founder of ‘Verge Campus Tour’ talks to Inside Beat


Courtesy of Jacyln Ulman | Rutgers University Programming Association will host “The Verge Campus Tour” with Chance the Rapper tonight at 8 p.m. in the College Avenue Gym.

In a world swamped by social networking sites, avid fans are finding it slightly to easier connect with their favorite artists through various forms of media. 

The founders of emuze.com, Brett Segall and Maxwell Zotz, use the website as a platform to allow artists to connect with their fans.

They also use more physical platforms: stages at colleges across the country.

In collaboration with Rutgers University Programming Association, “The Verge Campus Tour” will be visiting Rutgers on Friday. Chance the Rapper is set to perform at 8 p.m. in the College Avenue Gym. 

With previous exposure behind the scenes of the entertainment industry, Segall and Zotz founded emuze.com, an online social media magazine, while seniors at Brandeis University. Their main goal was to provide avid fans of pop culture a channel that connected them to entertainers and events.

“The Verge Campus Tour” was initially used as a way to launch emuze.com, and Segall explained that they only planned on hosting the event once. Their first tour kicked off in the spring of 2013 and included Kendrick Lamar, Steve Aoki and an indie funk band known as Bad Rabbits. 

Segall and Zotz like to incorporate three different genres — hip-hop, EDM and alternative/indie — when choosing which artists will tour the various campuses. 

“We’re really looking for artists that are about to break, that really have a keen kind of unique perspective to themselves and their art form … a lot of the time, it’s just the sense of who we feel speaks to our community, our culture as a tour,” Segall said. 

The national collegiate lifestyle music festival is now held in both the spring and fall, hitting 20 to 25 campuses each semester. The tour is separated into two parts, with the actual concert at night and an interactive village during the day.

“It’s the chance for students to come out and have a really good time … but also be able to interact with brands that are also on the tour. Be able to kind of learn more about different types of companies whether it’s in fashion or music or technology, and be able to potentially get an internship or career opportunity from them,” Segall said. 

Sometimes, the interactive village holds acoustic sessions with artists from the tour and creates an overall experience that engages within a very open environment. From 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Friday, vendors at the interactive village will include Karmaloop, creators from MTV’s “The Buried Life” and youth travel company Contiki Vacations. The location will be announced via Instagram under the username “VergeCampus.”

As the tour’s platform continues to grow, Segall says they would like to make the tours more accessible by providing summer shows and possibly providing different types of tours that focus on particularly one genre. 

Segal also explained that they are expanding beyond concerts by launching a publication for college campuses within the next two weeks. The publication allows students to create their own university’s chapter that cover lifestyle and pop culture topics written by college students.

“[Students] will be able to add an extensive set of skills to their resume and build their own portfolio. So they’re really able to kind of take that entrepreneurial spirit and take their passion and really be able to run with it,” Segall said.

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