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College fashion site brings fashion lookbook to Rutgers


Courtesy of Amy Levin | Amy Levin, founder and creative director of CollegeFashionista, created a website for college students to showcase their style and learn about the latest trends.

Amy Levin, founder and creative director of CollegeFashionista.com, found a way to combine fashion and business by launching a website that connects students to the latest trends, beauty tips, campus events and opportunities according to their particular university. 

Originally she started it out as a personal blog at Indiana University, but Levin decided to launch the site in 2009 by expanding to different universities. Since then, the fashion blog has swept hundreds of different campuses and was re-launched this past September.

With colleges constantly changing due to new technology, Levin explains the re-launch was meant to create a more enhanced user experience for the new viewer or dedicated reader. The site provides them with access to whatever content they’re looking for related to fashion and beauty news and the latest information about campus activity.

The blog gives college students, whose passion lies deeply within the enticing world of fashion and beauty, the opportunity to claim the role as “Style Guru,” who educates their campus on the latest styles and trends and showcases students’ outfits through pictures.

As part of the re-launch, the site now also highlights the “Style Gurus” as mini brands and includes a “RAD” system, which allows readers to follow a particular “Guru” and “RAD” any of their articles to acknowledge their interest in it.

CollegeFashionista has also recently introduced the “Best Dressed Freshman Campaign,” which is a digital “lookbook” that specifically features first-year students in their favorite outfits. The students who win “most fashionable freshman” at each school will be displayed on the website.

Rutgers has been chosen as one of the 40 schools to participate in the “Best Dressed Freshman Campaign” and will be hosting an open photo shoot for first-year students from 1 to 4 p.m. at Voorhees Mall this Saturday. 

“Rutgers has great style gurus. It’s interesting because it’s not in New York, so it’s not typical style you see at NYU and still has a lot of influence from New York City. I’m always curious to see if there is a similarity or if the fashion is completely different,” Levin said. “We just want to support the school because of everything [it’s] done for us.”

Whether it’s mixing and matching plaid with floral, pairing a basic dress with chunky bright jewelry or rocking the latest knee-high boot, “Style Gurus” constantly make sure their school’s fashion game is always up to par. 

Levin also explained that “Style Gurus” gain an introduction into the fashion world through webinars with industries and newsletters about breaking into the business. It overall gives students a sense of educational empowerment for the real world. 

When it comes to one’s personal style, Levin believes there’s no right answer in fashion. She stresses it is an expression of who you are on any given day. 

“Freshman year, I was very preppy, [and] the next year I was very grunge. There’s no judgment in college — everyone is figuring out who they are,” Levin said. “Wear things that make you feel better about yourself whether they’re in style or not. I wish I knew that in college, a lot of it is about confidence.”

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