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Developers and entrepreneurs give advice at Tech Meet-Up

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The “RU Tech Meet Up” held last Monday showcases experiences from prominent University figures as well as entrepreneurs in the technology field. Rutgers Mobile App Development club hosted the event.

Eric Kamp, a developer at InnoviMobile, gave students some ever-valuable — and blunt — advice on how to “not f--- up your first job” at last week’s “Tech Meet Up” in the Multipurpose Room of the College Avenue Student Center.

The event, held last week by Rutgers Mobile App Development club, consisted of tech talks from prominent university figures and alumni, along with a few project demos from students. The meet-up takes place once a semester. 

The event’s speakers all shared advice they’ve learned through experience working as entrepreneurs in the technology field.

Kamp’s main takeaway was to always be professional but to also remember to ask, “Is this necessary?” 

When working in computer science-related fields, Kamp said it is vital to remain confident, without becoming cocky. The best way to do this is to be willing to admit when you don’t know something, Kamp said.

Projects are often more complicated than we expect, and setting lofty timelines to leave room for complications was recommended. 

Vivek Seth, a School of Arts and Sciences junior and president of RuMAD, said based some of the feedback he has received from previous meet ups, they had a better idea of what attendees expect at RU Tech Meetup.

Anand Patel, owner of Hidden Grounds coffee shop, gave a charismatic talk on how he started his business and sponsored the meet-up by providing free coffee. 

Patel opened his presentation with a quote from Allen Ginsberg: “Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.”

He asked those in attendance to apply that philosophy to their lives. Patel told students to not be afraid of exploring the crazy and stressed that the only way to leap forward is to think differently. 

“Don’t compete against your competitors. Compete against yourself,” Patel said. He bookended his talk with another Ginsberg quote: “I really believe, or want to believe, really I am nuts, otherwise I’ll never be sane.”

Carlos Ospina, technical director at Hublished, an online webinar tool created by Rutgers students, now works for BotFactory. He discussed BotFactory’s breakthrough circuit board printing technology.

Traditional circuit boards are complex and difficult to produce. BotFactory uses a proprietary ink-and-glue system to print circuit boards on paper. This system is much faster and cheaper than traditional methods and pushes the limits of current technology in this field.

Yair Aviner, another founder of Hublished, gave a technical talk about the history of Web standards. He discussed the future of the Web programming language known as HTML and web development.

“Events like RU Tech Meetup and HackRU give students an outlet to come together to share their interests in technology, and I’m very happy to be able play a part in facilitating this,” Seth said. 

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