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Phantom pranking


What fun is Halloween without a few screams? We’ve got a list of ways to scare the living soul out of anyone you so desire. Fair warning: After pulling these tricks, friends may accuse you of not having a heart! 

Flush at Your Own Risk:

 Pour some soda into the toilet. Throw in a few bunched up sheets for extra effect. If possible, hide a container of steamed broccoli or hardboiled eggs in the wastebasket. The dark liquid and stench will imitate the perfect “clog”. Hang an “Out of Order” sign on the bathroom door to really make your roommates’ stomachs turn at such an unexpected inconvenience. 

Trick that Treat: 

Who doesn’t love delicious cupcakes, slathered in sweet, creamy…toothpaste? Yes, that’s right. Offer to bring a plate of cupcakes to a themed party or to unsuspecting neighbors. The toothpaste twist will entice anyone with a preference for “vanilla” icing. Adding sprinkles is sure increase the level of surprise — and disgust. 

That’s So Twisted: 

Even if you don’t watch “American Horror Story,” you might’ve seen its famed, creepy clown Twisty somehow, either online or on TV. Those who have no idea who he is will be sure to find out once you tape his face to the bathroom mirror in the middle of the night. Whether you print a huge headshot or a few smaller ones, whomever you live with is going to be in for a seriously frightening wake up call.

Do Not Enter: 

Want to take someone “0 to 100, real quick?” Turn their bedroom door into a decorative prop. Buy caution tape (sold at local hardware stores). Completely cover the circumference and the doorknob until access is highly restricted, or at least to the point that the target will likely go into hysterics upon returning. Word of advice: Head out before they can threaten you with whatever sharp tools they’ll be using to dismantle the barricade.

It’s Raining Legs: 

Spiders are often the culprits of blood-curdling yells. Luckily, you don’t have to rely on the real ones to get the job done. Getting your hands on fake ones is simple and effective. Place a handful in cereal boxes, bowls of candy or egg cartons. Other options include bus seats crevices, ice trays and mugs. The shrieks may be short-lived, but your amusement won’t be.

Flex Your Cobweb Design Chops: 

Everyone relies on artificial webs as a mere house accessory, but it also works as a prime technique to strike the utmost annoyance in victims. Wrap it around one car or as many vehicles as you so choose, depending on how much web you have to spare. As we all know, nothing is worse than keeping a busy college student from being on the move. 


All this prank takes is choosing whom to pick on and steal from. It could be as minimal as hiding your housemate’s Naked makeup pallet in the refrigerator (that’ll teach her to borrow your lipstick without asking!). But if you want to be really cruel, make a scavenger hunt out of it. Set up a list of things you’ve “kidnapped” and distributed around the apartment or residence building. The only way the person will be able to find their valuables is by following clues you provide. Select key objects, like their cell phone charger or textbooks, to really get their adrenaline pumping. 

Christina Colon

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