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RU Screwed? Not With These Simple Solutions


Photo Illustration | Being a college student is always equated to running low on cash. Hold a "house" sale by selling items you no longer use, and gain money to use toward food or books.

Between a packed schedule of back-to-back classes, working to pay those water and phone bills and completing assignments two minutes before that 11:59 p.m. deadline, college isn’t always as easy or fun as your Facebook album makes it out to be. Here are some tips and tricks to help you keep your spirits —and sanity— at an all time high. 

Carry grocery bags into your residence hall: Ah, we’re all too familiar with the amazing race: juggling tons of bags and taking at least a dozen trips. Do yourself a favor — chances are, you still have plenty of luggage lying around from move-in day. Use them! The compartments can hold pretty much anything, and you’ll end up saving yourself a ton of trouble and unnecessary back pain.

No Breath Mints? No Problem: Of course you get stuck on the bus with the cute T.A. you had last semester. Too bad you just stuffed your face with garlic chips. Remain calm. Grabbing the throat is a telltale, “sorry, too sick to speak” sign. A smile will show a decent apology, far better than the one you’d have to give if you opened your mouth. If they continue to push for conversation and all else fails, turn to the window. 

WebReg Woes: Is Rutgers’ beloved scheduling site taking forever to load just as the section you wanted opens up? Cook a nice meal. Do some laundry, maybe some yoga. Snap a few selfies. Take a ride on the EE. Learn a different language. Practice meditation. None of these may actually suffice, but at the very least they’re better than chucking your computer at the wall.

Bad Headache, Empty Cabinet: Why is it that you run out of things when you need them the most? (Gum, time — you know, the usual.) Fortunately, you don’t need over-the-counter drugs to cure mild migraines. If you don’t have the means or time to travel to your local drugstore, grab a handful of almonds. The yummy snack contains the healing compound salicin, which is a well-known pain reliever. If you’re allergic to the remedy, try placing hot or cool compacts on the base of your forehead. Sleep serves as another effective alternative, and we all know that’s something no one can get enough of!

Parking Problems: With so many lots and so little memory, how do you find your vehicle amidst everyone else’s? Hint: On the maps application, drop a pin to locate your car. The GPS will help you win the game of hide-and-seek at no cost to your patience. 

Bonus tip: Avoiding tickets is nearly impossible, but if you have no choice but to risk a violation and want to get out of it, leave the RUPD a note on your windshield, or maybe a piece of candy. It’s no guarantee, but when it comes to appealing to officials’ pity — and hunger — it doesn’t hurt to try. 

Managing those pesky printing lines: Naturally, class is a mere 20 minutes away and you have a paper due. Everyone and their mother is printing the Bible at the library. The only salvation you’ll be able to manage is cutting the line, and to do so you’ll obviously need to lie about impending bowel movements — or, at the very least, be honest about your impending low grade. 

Quick Clean Up: Alright, for those that can’t afford a bi-weekly manicure or prefer the all-natural look, dirt tends to show up under nail beds far too easily. Since you may not always keep a clipper around, use the pointy end of an earring, or something such as a paper clip, to remove excess grime. Water and soap also work fairly well, but if you’re in a public setting with those beastly hands, you’ll want to fix them fast, especially if you don’t have a sink (or gloves) handy.

Avoiding Class Comas: Your eyelids are heavy and you’re doing that awkward, “no, I am not struggling to stay awake” head bob. 

Plan in advance: Keep an emergency kit in your bag — one that will stimulate your senses and keep you alert. Pack granola bars to give you energy (low blood sugar may be to blame for the fatigue), a rubber band to snap against your wrist or a small bottle of hot sauce. Yes, that last suggestion may seem strange, but a whiff (or taste, if you’re feeling ambitious) is guaranteed to bring you to full attention. 

Last Minute Studying: Big exam in a matter of hours? Is the material overwhelming you to the point of counter-productivity? Here’s an idea that’ll help aid your concentration: Place a dollar in the crevice of every few pages or so to entice you to read quickly and efficiently. Depending on how much you cover and the amount you earn, treat yourself to an ice cream, coffee or whatever your heart desires. The more material you make it through, the greater the reward will be! Your stomach and your GPA will be left most satisfied.

I’ve Got 99 Problems … and Probably 99 Cents in my Bank Account: Being a college student is financially exhausting. But rest assured, you don’t have to sell your soul to make some quick cash! 

Hold a “house” sale. It’s a great way to clear out unwanted items and earn a decent amount of money in the process. Use social media to spread the word, invite friends and try to be cognizant of the weather so the turn-out is good. Posters, pieces of furniture, old books/textbooks, clothes, picture frames, shower/shoe racks, bags, barely used notebooks and coffee mugs are must-haves that will surely make you tons of profit. 

Christina Colon

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