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Rutgers gaming clubs forge competition, friendships

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“League of Legends” is an online multiplayer battle arena game in which teams of players attempt to destroy enemy bases.

Rutgers has a wide variety of activities for students, but one such activity requires quick reflexes and strategic minds.

To cultivate their gaming interest or gain new ones, students can get involved with one of the many gaming clubs on campus.

Omer Janjua, a School of Arts and Sciences sophomore, is an avid player of the famous game “League of Legends.” 

“LoL” is an online multiplayer game in which players fight one another with the main objective to destroy the “nexus,” a structure that lies in the heart of the opposing team’s base.

Having attended numerous competitions and tournaments, Janjua is considered a pro player by most of his teammates and friends, he said.

“I take the game very seriously and so do all my friends,” Janjua said. “It’s a game that requires tremendous team work and dedication. The team is only as strong as it’s weakest link.”


The Rutgers StarCraft Club is engaging gamers at Rutgers. 

For the readers who are unfamiliar with the game, “StarCraft” is a fictional real-time strategy computer game. Players act as three different species fighting for dominance in the far part of the Milky Way. 

As of February 2009, the game sold over 11 million copies, making it one of the best-selling computer games, according to Edge Online.

Zaid Qumei, a School of Engineering junior, is an active member of the “StarCraft” club. He believes the game is interesting because it incorporates many different skills. 

“StarCraft incorporates the mind games and bluffing elements of poker, the strategical foresight and calculations of chess and the head-to-head dexterity of a sport like tennis,” Qumei said. 

Although many stereotypes go with being a gamer, Qumei said he never let it bother him or stop him from doing what he loves. 

“It should not matter what other people think,” Qumei said. “If you have something that you are passionate for and love, why be ashamed?”

An unspoken bond builds between gamers who begin playing more often, which makes the game even more enjoyable, Qumei said. 

The club also attends many major tournaments like the Red Bull Battle Grounds, a “StarCraft” competition people from all over the world attend.

Qumei said he has been playing the game since he was in kindergarten, but his interest level did not peak until he went to the World Cyber Games tournament where he fell in love with game. 

The club meets every Friday and is continuously adding new members. Regardless of whether you have a background in “StarCraft,” the club is open to everyone.

“Whether it be with online friends or real-life friends,” Qumei said. “You begin to feel a strong bond of friendship and a strong sense of belongingness through this game."


Being attributed as the most significant inspiration for online multiplayer battle genre, “Defense of the Ancients,” is one game everyone should try. 

“DotA” is a multiplayer battle arena model for the famous video games “Warcraft III: Reign of Choas” and “Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.”

The objective of the game is to destroy the opponents’ Ancients, heavily guarded structures that reside at the opposing the side of the map. 

Most people are interested in the game due to its rigorous focus on teamwork and critical thinking, said Aedan Dispenza, a School of Arts and Science junior. 

“The game itself is cool because of the passion of the people who play it,” Dispenza said. “They pour so much of their time into perfecting their play and strategies, which reflects in amazing matches for players and spectators alike.”

Although the DotA Club as a whole hasn’t traveled to any tournaments, many members have attended tournaments similar to the ESL One NYC, Dispenza said. 

Every Friday night, the club meets, and players are able to compete with one another or simply acquire skills to prove their game. 

“I think the most fun I have during the club is when someone either does something really cool or messes up really badly,” said Dispenza. “Everyone always has a laugh, and we all experience it together, which shapes [us as players and] how we play together.”

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