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Students plan TEDx event for Rutgers

TEDxRutgers, a student organization that works to bring together world-leading thinkers, makers and doers, is planning a “TEDTalks” event for the Rutgers community on March 28 in the upcoming year.

Akash Mitra, co-president of the organization, said the event is expected to take place at 11 a.m. in the Cook Student Center

One goal of the event is for members the University community to share experiences, said Anisha Nukala, co-president of the group. 

“Our student speakers and professors [are] doing some great work,” said Nukula, a School of Environmental and Biological Sciences junior. “They can inspire students and faculty.”

At least eight speakers are expected to attend the event, one or two of who would be students, said Mitra, a School of Environmental and Biological Sciences junior. Each talk will last from five to 18 minutes, with each speaker deciding the length of his or her own presentation.

The talks will be kept short to hold the audience’s attention, Nukala said. 

Each talk will have to pertain to a central theme, said Mansi Parikh, the group’s corresponding secretary. To ensure the talks will be relatable to the audience, the members of the organization will vote on the theme.

The group is not currently looking into any specific disciplines, Mitra said. They are looking to get speakers for a variety of topics ranging from science, technology, engineering and mathematics to business and economics.

The club will look to recent graduates, faculty and members of the New Brunswick community for speakers, he said. 

“We’re just looking for people whose ideas are somewhat relevant to the world,” he said. “We’re looking for leaders in their field for great ideas.”

TEDxRutgers will hold a competition to determine the student speakers, he said. Interested students can fill out an application when it is available.

The competition, called “Speechcraft,” will be a speaking contest, Mitra said. It will most likely be divided into two parts to separate talks on the sciences and arts. 

Undergraduate and graduate students alike can apply to be speakers, said Parikh, a Rutgers Business School sophomore. A panel of judges will determine who the actual speakers will be.

The planners want the talks to be impactful, Nukala said. They should include life lessons that people could relate to.

Part of the event’s purpose is to allow people to share experiences others have not had, Parikh said.

“We want people who have great stories with no medium to be able to share them,” she said. “This is a channel in which they can inspire.”

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