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Always dress accordingly


Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude, and the way you express that gratitude and celebrate the holiday is based on your preference.

Whether you’re heading home for a few days or sticking around campus, hopping on a plane or lazing around with friends, the right outfit is just as important as the right dinner. Thanksgiving is the official launch to the season of revelry, the challenge is now on to stay stylish in the face of fully indulgent cuisine and cruise in grace through the new year. 

Scene: Fancy Dinner at Great Auntie’s

Ladies: Keep it clean and chic when getting together with your extended family so the topic of conversation will revolve around how wonderfully you’re doing at school, not how short your hemline is. A cowl neck sweater, sleek corduroy pants and riding boots are a surefire combination for a successful reunion with even the fussiest of old aunts. 

Gentleman: You’ve got it easier than the girls do when dressing to impress because it is almost impossible to go wrong with a button down and khakis. Swallow your pride and consider trimming your facial hair (even if it’s just a little) to further highlight the well-rounded young champion you are. The gods of No-Shave November won’t hold it against you, I promise. 

Scene: Meet the Parents

Ladies: You can’t go wrong with dressing extra nicely when meeting your special someone’s family for the first time, for it would be a little cheeky to arrive at the table dressed like you’re ready to hit the College Avenue campus on a Friday evening. Skater skirts, natural makeup and a cardigan in your favorite color are proven winners, but the best thing you can wear is a smile. Don’t stress — they’re going to love you.

Gentleman: Dressing the part is key to making a good first impression, especially with the dad. Do some investigating and figure out how formal the dinner is going to be first, then play off of your partner’s look. A plaid shirt layered underneath a quarter zip is timeless for Thanksgiving as are dark jeans with a refined knit. When in doubt, it’s better to be a little more dressed up than dressed down.

Scene: Lazy Dinner at Home

Ladies: Lucky you, if Thanksgiving at your house, that means a day of finger foods and football on the couch. You more or less have won yourself a get-out-of-jail-free card to lounge about in leggings and a fashionable sweatshirt embellished with studs or (tasteful) gems. Throw on a statement necklace if you aim to win some style points, and your job of looking adorable has been well done. 

Gentleman: Casual cool is a no brainer when you combine your most beloved pair of jeans with a short or long sleeved polo, striped of course. Don’t take advantage of the relaxed dress code to have a field day with the just-rolled-out-of-bed look because you are better than that. Besides, sleepy chic is what the after dinner nap is for, and you’ll need your rest for the merciless, early morning workout that will come too soon — Black Friday. 

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, no matter where you are heading or who you are breaking bread with, once you’ve got your sartorial situation covered, you can focus on what’s important: the feast!

Janine Puhak

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