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Make packing less stressful with simple clothing hacks


It’s about that time of the year. Thanks to the season shift, the weather is demanding that you revamp your wardrobe. Where to begin? What do you bring home for break? Before you risk overstuffing, consider this helpful guide to help trim your closet.   

DO Make it Fun

Packing isn’t often looked at as a good time, but it can be if you set the scene right. Put Pandora on a reliable station (you can never go wrong with ‘90s throwbacks), clear the floor and get ready to get moving. The music will give you the energy you need to get pumped up for this otherwise painfully monotonous activity.   

DON’T Have the TV On

Tasks are way easier to accomplish when there are no distractions. Do you really think having that awful reality show in the background is going to make you move any faster? No. You’re going to end up making a kitchen run, staring at the screen with your mouth full of pretzels and dusting crumbs on all your favorite outfits. Avoid the remote control at all costs. 

DO Have a Packing Plan

Get out a piece of paper and create two columns: yes and no. Allocate key pieces based on the following questions: Have I worn this recently? Can I wear it anytime soon? Is this a staple to my style? You don’t have to go through every single thing you own but think of the basics (shoes, shirts, pants) as well as your accessories (belts, scarves, light jackets) and categorize them accordingly.

DON’T Grab-and-Bag

It’s tempting to go all hanger-hands and fling whatever first catches your fingertips into your suitcase, but nix this messy strategy. You’ll end up with a huge mound of items, spending way too much time storing them. Instead, clear your bed and use the available space as a giant placemat. Being able to see and fold each garment individually will make packaging them a whole lot easier. 

DO Bring Out the Heavy Baggage

Now that you’ve settled on what to take, it’s time to decide what’s going to hold your belongings. We suggest a fair-sized backpack and a medium-to-large luggage. If you know you intend to take a lot, use a duffle bag. Garbage bags, totes and bins are other alternatives, but please, use them sparingly. The less you bring, the better.

DON’T Get Attached

Face it, there’s no point in keeping those shorts, skirts or sandals any longer. Yes, they will beg to be kept and sure, it’ll be hard to let them go, but they’ve faced enough months of neglect. Say your final goodbyes, head to the mall for some closure and just think — now, you’ll have more room for cozy scarves, cool beanies and, best of all, giant snuggies! 

DO Donate What You Don’t Wear or Need

Instead of carrying over those items you haven’t worn in years, why not give it to someone who could really use it? Offer your apparel to local shelters or churches in New Brunswick. Not only will doing so make you feel that much more organized, but it’ll also make you feel great to do some good for your community.  

DON’T Be Lazy 

Once you’ve sorted out what to keep, toss or give away, you’ll need to be particular in how you package. Even if you’ve never worked in retail, the art of folding is one that you should master, if not, practice. You don’t need to be top-notch in rolling up your clothes. For bottoms, simply fold horizontally, then vertically. Tops involve nothing more than tucking in the sleeves and following the same technique. 

Now that you’ve divided, gathered and situated your clothing, you’re all set to go! 

Christina Colon

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