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Laurels and Darts: Week in Review

Hands up, don’t shoot

The day after the Ferguson grand jury decided not to indict Officer Darren Wilson for shooting and killing unarmed, 18-year-old Michael Brown, protests erupted across the nation, including here at Rutgers. Hundreds of students rallied for justice, chanting, “Hands up, don’t shoot” and carrying signs as they marched through New Brunswick from the Douglass Student Center to Brower Commons. We laurel the strong turnout and student efforts to bring much-needed attention to this gross injustice.

Sexual healing

The rate of sexual assaults in New Jersey colleges and universities has hit a 10-year high. Amidst scrutiny regarding sexual violence, the number of complaints from forcible sexual offenses more than doubled. Rutgers reported 21 forcible sexual offenses in 2013 alone. The increased number of reports is a good sign that victims are being encouraged to come forward more, but it’s still an alarming number that isn’t being handled as well as it should be. We dart the state’s educational institutions for flawed systems of handle sexual assaults.  

Pathology in sociology 

Just in time for the reformed MCAT exams, which now has modules on social aspects of health, the Department of Sociology created a new minor called Health and Society. This minor encompasses both the physical and mental aspects of health and bridges the gap between the social and health sciences. We laurel the Department of Sociology for allowing pre-med students to develop a better understanding of social environments in which they will treat their patients.

How to get away with murder

We thought the events in Ferguson had already made it clear, but on Wednesday, another grand jury in Staten Island further confirmed that police officers can actually get away with murder. Police brutality is not just an issue in the areas highlighted by the media. It’s been an issue right here in New Brunswick too as in the death of the unarmed Barry Delaotch in 2011. In solidarity with the victims of police brutality, this dart goes to police abuse of power all across America.

Comeback of the Year

 In their final Big Ten game of the season, the Scarlet Knights squeezed out a 41-38 victory over the Maryland Terps. During Saturday’s game, just before the half, the Knights were down 33-10 but managed to make a 25-point comeback, the largest in Rutgers history. The win put them at an overall winning record for the season, finishing 7-5 with conference standing of 3-5. We laurel the football team for finally pulling through and proving themselves — sort of.


Students rallied on Livingston campus the night the grand jury decision in the Michael Brown shooting death case was delivered. Their chants of “hands up, don’t shoot,” and “black lives matter” upset multiple students as the protestors received threats and were called derogatory names. A similar scene played out on social media with students expressing their disdain for the protestors and apparent lack of concern for the implications of the decision. A dart goes out to the students who didn’t get any sleep because the protesters “disturbed” them — the apathetic attitudes are duly noted.

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