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​Targum article in poor taste, disappointing

I can’t say I’m shocked The Daily Targum ran a story about “sexiness,” not just on the front cover but above the fold, but I certainly am saddened. Rutgers University is a unique environment that has done a lot — more than most universities — to promote tolerance and celebrate diversity. But it feels like we’ve taken two solid steps back with the article titled, “U. alumnus named ‘Sexiest Teacher in America.’” Really, Targum staff? You couldn’t think of anything more pressing or newsworthy than furthering the objectification of a teacher and reminding your readers that worth is determined by your “sexiness?” How upsetting to think that a group of intelligent, and hopefully well-meaning students couldn’t think of anything more important to share with our student body. Surely, there is a lot going on both at the local university level and worldwide that deserves your, and subsequently, our attention (for example, the state of race relations as it relates to the Staten Island Supreme Court ruling yesterday, continued dealings with ISIS, the state of sexual assault both nationally and at a Rutgers level, etc.). As students who are trying to harness the knowledge and wisdom of those around us, we expect more — much more — from our school newspaper. Please bring us the news that matters, not filler stories embracing (and/or championing) archaic and sexist perspectives. Sexiness does not make a good teacher. Haven’t you learned this by now? Shame on you for letting this hit the presses.

Caitlin Scuderi is a Ph.D candidate in the Department of Political Science. Veronika Szabo is a Douglass Residential College first-year student majoring in anthropology. Divya Srivastava is a School of Engineering first-year student majoring in mechanical engineering.

Caitlin Scuderi

Veronika Szabo

Divya Srivastava

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