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Keep your glow all year round with self tanning method


Of all tanning methods, bulb tanning provides a streak free and line free tan giving you a more natural glow.

Some like it bronze, some like it gold –– but whether you identify as friend or foe of the tanning industry, it is impossible to ignore its presence on Rutgers’ New Brunswick campus. In correlation with the eternal popularity of fitness culture in the collegiate environment, a trend only boosted through the rise of social media, ladies and gentleman alike are attracted to the appearance of a healthy glow, especially off-season. With Greek formal recruitment set to launch this weekend and spring break a slim six weeks away, now is the time to read the fine print and perfect your own sunless routine.

Fear not, pale soul –– there is simple method to the madness of tanning if you take the time to investigate. There are lotions and potions that suit everyone, for the business of sun bathing has come a long way. The tanning trend has been dancing back and forth across the line of vogue for centuries.

The modern obsession with a sunny glow can be largely credited to the wide diversity in relatively affordable priced products on the market. No matter how much or how little time you can invest, you can catch your own rays at your own pace. Napoleon Bonaparte once said, ““If I had to choose a religion, the Sun as the universal giver of life would be my god.” 

Evaluated below are three of the most popular approaches to bronzing; bulb tanning, lotions and bronzers. 

High Commitment – Bulb Tanning  

When walking the route of bulb tanning, there are two paths to take. Bed tanning involves a coffin shaped lay down bed with a fold over top, while stand up tanning implicates a shower setting that you step into. No matter how you slice it, bulb tanning will always crown any list of tanning methods for the streak free, line free, all over glow it can provide. Bulb tanning is generally only accessible at professional salons, and it can get expensive. Take heed, however, for the USFDA not support bed tanning on the premise of its dangerous carcinogenic property that can cause skin cancer, skin burns, premature aging and eye damage. 

Part Time Commitment – Lotion 

The beauty of toying with self-tanning creams, mists and sprays is that you can use them anytime at home and most products can be picked up for under $20. Layering self-tanners on a daily basis can yield an all over glow in less than a week and will generally last at least double that time. Some products even come loaded with sunscreen. Research is of the essence, and careful application is even more essential. A self-tan job gone wrong will be clearly evident by orange hands and stripy lines, so make sure your roomie is around to help ensure an even application to your back. Keep an eye out for scented products that will overpower with the stench of dihydroxyacetone, the simple compound commonly known as DHA that is the culprit to blame for the famously pungent odor in self-tanning concoctions.

Low Commitment – Bronzer 

A miracle come true for the student on the run, bronzing powder goes where no other tanning method has gone before – on the go with you, wherever you are. Bronzers are speedy, portable and can instantly glam up any look, perfect for those last minute invitations. Sunbathing, tanning beds and even some spray tans can lead to serious issues, and bronzer is the only surefire way to achieve a 100% safe, golden glow. While there is a notable drawback in the fleeting temporality in bronzer, for it always seems to fade a few hours past application, many of these sun kissed powders also hydrate your skin while keeping you shine free. Sweep it over your neck, face and arms for an endless summer beam, even on the coolest of January nights. 

However real or replicated it may be, the sunnier mindset, healthier look and shot of confidence a good tan can provide in the dead of winter has gotten our vote.

Janine Puhak

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