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DIY Valentines Day Gifts


Low on time, cash and creative ideas? You’re in luck. We’re about to save you tons of trouble and money, at no cost to impressing your loved one.

Edible Arrangement 
Chocolate is the go-to treat, but oh so basic. Sugar comes in a whole slew of variations, so if you’re going to treat them, you might as well mix it up! Opt for items in other flavors –– you can find a wide selection of candy nearly anywhere, so gather some fruity, sour and minty options. Other venues sell an assortment of cupcakes, candies and cookies, so if your budget allows, purchase these at a local bakery. When your collection is complete, head to the dollar store and purchase a gift basket and large shrink-wrap bag. Place your goodies inside, wrap them up and add the finishing touches with a ribbon or bow. For extra brownie points, throw in a package of their favorite tea, coffee or wine!

Crafty Collage
When it comes to cute pictures, there’s no need to select a boring album or single frame. Your love for your partner is big, so go out and get a poster board that shows your devotion. Stick photographs of the both of you in the shape of a heart, or use arrows starting from your early years to more recent snapshots, ending with a quote that encompasses your relationship –– you can look some up online or steal one from a popular romance novel. Fill the rest of the blank space with doodles, lyrics, funny insiders, stickers and glitter –– there’s no limit to what you can include. You might want to snap a picture of the moment you give them their gift –– their expression is totally going to be worth capturing. 

Love Kit
No one knows your lover better than you do, so show them just how much you pay attention. Get a shoebox and cover it with magazine articles, or a brown paper bag (use a colorful marker and add a few decorations to make it look less plain!). Fill with pre-paid tickets to a concert they’ve been dying to see, take out menus to their favorite eateries, their go-to vending machine snack and anything else that you know they’d like. They’ll treasure this box of simple pleasures for years to come. 

Road Trip, Anyone?
The best things in life are free, and believe it or not, there are ways to spend the entire day without having to spend a dime. All it takes is a car and a game plan. Spend the afternoon shopping, preferably a place that specializes in books, records and clothes –– thrift shops are an ideal location. End the outing by going for a walk, or better yet, playing in a nearby park. If it’s too cold to spend hours on the swings, settle for heading home and impressing your date with your awesome DVD collection for a killer movie marathon.  

Mason Jar full of Affection
There are a million ways to show you care, and this is one of them. Cut scrap or notebook paper into 4x5 pieces and write out all the things you love about your person, moments you’ve shared that stand out or promises you intend to keep, like giving them awesome things they will forever be able to hold on their shelf and in their heart. 

Personalized Coupons
All those index cards you own will help you pull of this next creative move. On each, draw a variety of images, which will represent your stack of vouchers. Use emojis as inspiration for each card—kissy lips for a Kiss Anytime, car for Last Minute Ride, martini glass for Free Drink, toilet for Clean Bathroom, etc. Use a hole puncher and string to make it into a miniature coupon book, but make sure you let them know they can only use each one once, no expiration date required. 

Quick Fixes
If you’re really in a tight bind, resort to these simple solutions: 

  •  Make them a Happy Meal. Prepare a plate of their favorite food, and serve to them in bed. 
  • Give them an article of clothing sprayed with your scent. They’ll appreciate the sentiment, and it’ll help them think of you when you’re not around. 
  • Offer a free massage! Because college is stressful, and nothing is better than being catered to by a loved one.
  • Tell them that you love them. Because at the end of the day, that’s all they really want to hear and know. 

Christina Colon

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