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Silence, inaction on racism unacceptable

Andrew Getraer’s agreement with the proposal of sending Palestinians to Jordan because “it is not their homeland anyway” is both deeply offensive and historically inaccurate. However, it’s not surprising that the Rutgers Hillel director would make such racist and “Islamophobic” statements about the Palestinian people while representing an organization whose “policies have been used to shut down dialogue” between Hillel and other organizations and students on campus, as criticized by Open Hillel. We Palestinians are exhausted of constantly having to prove to people that our grandparents did in fact live and grow up as Palestinians before 1948 and that our ethnicity has a real history. Making such grossly inaccurate statements without legitimate evidence in this colonialist mindset justifies the illegal occupation of Palestine and trivializes the countless lives that have been destroyed as a result. There’s a serious difference between freedom of speech and hate speech being presented as fact. Why are we being told by non-Muslims and non-Arabs whether we should or shouldn’t be offended by statements that directly attack us? As an open and accepting University, we expect and demand zero tolerance for racism in any dialogue and for consistent accountability. For a Rutgers leader to accuse a community of thousands at this university of being terrorist “sympathizers” who “cheer” for those who kill is beyond insulting. I’m disgraced our administration has yet to address the issue directly and legitimately.

Luma Hasan is a School of Arts and Sciences senior majoring in history with a minor in education.

Luma Hasan

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