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WEEK IN REVIEW: Laurels and Darts

We Salute You 146

When you make the news there are two rules to follow: stay out of it and be objective. After producing 137 issues, battling controversies and making split-second decisions, editors past at the Daily Targum have shown their journalistic integrity and dedication to delivering news to the students, staff and faculty members of the Rutgers community. We laurel Editorial Board 146 for their year of service to the paper and to the University –– thank you for passing along a well-lit torch.

Big Brother’s Watching

Online classes just got personal with the introduction of ProctorTrack, a software surveillance system that tracks student face and knuckle movement to keep them from cheating. Students taking online classes in the Mason Gross School of the Arts this semester will be the first to experience the $132 program. This dart goes out to University professors for using the unproven, overly invasive ProctorTrack software.

Kiss Brower Goodbye

Over the next 15 to 20 years, Rutgers will be getting a major facelift. Changes to the University will include a Raritan River boardwalk, a new College Avenue dining hall and the consolidation of financial aid, residence life and admissions into one building. This laurel is for the latest University Physical Master Plan as a new and innovative idea and for its efforts to make it easier for students to get around — at least after the years and years of construction are over.

Villainous Valentines Day

Valentine’s day is an unnecessary commercial holiday designed to make single people feel even lonelier than they might have already felt. It also makes couples in relationships feel the need to spend a fortune on flowers that will die and candy that will rot your teeth. This dart goes out to whoever thought that capitalizing on love was a good idea –– you can keep your five-foot teddy bears and conversational hearts, we don’t want them anyway.

Hacking HackHer

Rutgers' first HackHers, a hackathon geared towards women, welcomed novice and skilled app designers, computer science majors and coders alike to sharpen their skills. Computer science and STEM fields in general are dominated by men, forcing interested women to form their own subgroup. We laurel the lady hackers and computer science majors at the University for their efforts to “break into” a male dominated field.

B10 Basketball?

Joining the Big Ten has proved a difficult venture for a couple sports teams at the University. The Rutgers Men’s Basketball Team has been on an eight game losing streak. While most of the games were lost by small margins, they were still losses nonetheless. This dart is for everyone associated with the University men’s basketball team — players and coaches alike — good luck, but get it together. 

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