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Hillary, her e-mails, Benghazi, 2016 election

Hillary Clinton’s role in the Benghazi attack has been fuel for Republican vitriol for over two years. During the congressional hearing, Republicans and their right friends were trying to keep the in the public’s mind the Benghazi attack and the role Hillary Clinton played, stemming from their fear that Clinton will be the Democratic nominee and will go onto defeat a Republican challenger. After two years, the right-wingers have come up with nothing that suggests that Clinton was at fault. However, that doesn’t matter — just keep the word Benghazi in the news cycle and by association Clinton will be tarred. 

Now they are going after her emails. Clinton had a private email server during the time she was Secretary of State. This is not the problem, the real issue is whether she will give the entire server to the United States Department of State for preservation of records and history. 

I strongly believe that Clinton needs to give the server with ALL of the emails on it during her time she served as Secretary of State. Sending selected emails, even thousands of pages is not good enough. Remember the Watergate scandal — the country demanded all of the tapes, not selected transcripts. I implore Clinton and her followers to remember the constitutional crisis of holding back the tapes and the erased 16 minutes, which directly led to Nixon’s resignation. Clinton will never be able to satisfy the right-wingers, but holding back selected emails gives many moderates reason to question her. Clinton needs to get past this email crisis and change the conversation to things of real meaning: wealth inequity, healthcare, social security and affordable education.

Steven E. Keller, Ph.D. is the Research Director of Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine at the New Jersey Medical School.

Steven E. Keller

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