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Bigots who targeted Obama for race, will target Clinton’s gender

Ready, set, go! Now, all of the racists that have poured out their vitriol on our first black president, simply because he is black, can now turn their hate machines toward sexist, anti-woman venom, since Hillary Clinton is in the race. It really takes no brains or critical thought to mock or hate a person for the clothes they wear, their hairstyle or their sexual identity — but man is it easy. 

So for those who don't want to think, or simply can’t think about the real issues, go for it: ridicule politicians not on the issues, but because they where born different than you. Forget about the trivial things like social security, a progressive tax code, off-shore tax bases, war and Medicare. Go on and make fun of their clothes and gender and impress the rest of us with your wit, ignorance and bigotry. You only have everything to lose.

Steven E. Keller, Ph.D. is the Research Director of Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine at the New Jersey Medical School.

Steven E. Keller

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