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Week in Review: Laurels and Darts

Walking to Raise Awareness

Relay for Life celebrated its 15th year at Rutgers last week. Nearly 700 participants raised $51,046 in donations that will go to benefit cancer research. The 14-hour event involved participants walking around the RAC, partaking in a Zumba marathon and enjoying a magic show, among other activities. This laurel is for all of the relayers who participated in the event, dedicating their time to cancer awareness.

You Can’t Be Serious

Former Rutgers student Dharun Ravi, who was convicted for bias intimidation in connection with the death of Tyler Clementi, is seeking to have the ruling overturned. The law associated with Ravi’s conviction has since been struck down, but his actions were nonetheless deplorable. This dart is for you, Ravi: you’ve already served your time, let the case rest.

Barchi Makes an Appearance

During a RUSA Town Hall event, President Barchi gave students the chance to ask him questions. He spent an hour discussing the fate of fraternities, sexual assault on campus and the University’s Physical Master Plan. This laurel is for you Barchi: good job making an effort to show that you care about the concerns of the student body, however limited those concerns may be.

DDoS Attack

For over three days, RUWireless, Sakai and many other University online services were fundamentally non-existent both on and off-campus. The network outage kept students and faculty alike from doing work and exposed the overall vulnerability of Rutgers online systems. This dart goes out to the hacker: next time, find something else to play with that isn’t the academic livelihood of the entire student body.

LOL at The Medium

In case you picked up an issue of The Daily Targum on Wednesday and wondered why all of the grid lines were off, April Fools! It was The Medium. It must have felt weird writing stories and adhering to a real layout for once. This laurel is for everyone who worked on this week’s issue of The Medium — you’re all so funny for coming out with a joke issue on April Fools’ ... who else would have thought of that?

Christie Did it Again

Budget season is upon us once more. This year, as with any, Governor Christie isn’t playing it safe. So far, he has proposed to cut fringe benefits for employees, such as meal plans or health insurance, and reduce direct funding to state colleges across the board. This dart goes out to you Christie: balancing a budget shouldn’t require such grave sacrifices.

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